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hygiene and prevention in this section Garbage In, Garbage Out by Trisha E. O’Hehir, RDH, MS Editorial Director, Hygienetown The human body is an amazing, sophisticated machine, running on water, oxygen and nutrients from the diet. You can get away with putting in garbage – sugar, lower nutrient foods and soda – for a while, but eventually the high performance body will react. The immune system will be compromised and infections, inflammation and cancers that normally would be stopped, will now overwhelm the immune system. To picture this, think of the body as a paper recycling center. When young, a healthy immune system can handle all the paper presented for shredding. When garbage and non-recyclable materials are added to the paper mix, the recycling system becomes less effective. As the paper mixed with garbage continues to be delivered to the recycling center, it adds up, filling up all the available storage space and slowing down the efficiency of the recycling center. In the human body being fueled with a poor diet, the immune system becomes less effective in screening out the “garbage” and the body suffers infection, inflammation and cancer. A high performance machine like the human body deserves the best level of fuel available or at least no garbage! The feature article this month presents an overview of centuries of change impacting the human diet and changing it from fresh, healthful food to highly processed, sugar-laden food – or more appropriately termed “garbage.” Put garbage into the body and it won’t function as well as it could or should. The human body will grow and develop based on the quality and quantity of nutritious food/fuel provided. Without it, adoptive parents see both the results of malnutrition and the quick turn-around the body makes when adequate nutrition is provided these children from other countries. n Inside This Section 104 Perio Reports 108 Profile in Oral Health: Paleolithic Teeth » 102 NOVEMBER 2012 »

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Howard Speaks: The Fluoride Wars Continue
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Second Opinion: Investing in New Technology
What Are You Guys Cementing Zirconia Crowns With?
Issue with Crown Seats! Help Please!
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Product Profile: The Dental Sleep Network
Dentrix G5
Corporate Profile: Officite
Excellent Communication Benefits: A Full-mouth Rehabilitation Case
Product Profile: TruDenta
The Art, Science and Numbers of Clear Aligner Therapy Research: Endodontics
Cementation Simplified
You Should Know: OperaPager
Matching One Anterior Crown
Desired Smiles in Today’s Economy
Why We See Problems with Teeth Whitening: The Science of Whitening, Part 1
In This Issue: Garbage In, Garbage Out
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Profile in Oral Health: Paleolithic Teeth
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