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cosmetic message board Matching One Anterior Crown I would like to start a discussion about how one would communicate with any lab about the way to match a single crown to an anterior set of natural teeth or an implant crown to a natural set of teeth. I would like to know what you would send them to get the crown right the first time, or is it quite common to just tell the patient that the first crown we get will be just a trial and try to get the lab to “get it closer” the second time. Thanks for the answers – just trying to figure out what I might need to purchase to make this daunting task predictable. n » fishdrzig Member Since: 10/25/02 Post: 1 of 44 What’s the best way to communicate with a lab to match a single crown to a natural set of teeth? Townies offer their advice on the matter. Dentaltown Message Boards > Cosmetic Dentistry > Cosmetic Dentistry > Matching One Anterior Crown t AUG 1 2012 Coming from the lab side, there are a couple items that make my job much easier on a single central or any single in the anterior. Photos of the adjacent teeth with at least three different shade tabs help. (see photo.) This helps to show the contrast in chroma, hue and value. If you do this one thing, you will see much better results on your single anterior cases. n AUG 1 2012 Patrick Dippel Member Since: 04/24/11 Post: 2 of 44 Patrick, which shade tabs does one pick to give you the information you need? These tabs look like they are from three different systems? Thanks. n AUG 1 2012 fishdrzig Member Since: 10/25/02 Post: 3 of 44 First you need to learn how to “see” color. The Society for Color and Appearance in Dentistry Dental Color Matcher offers a free online education and training program for aesthetic dentistry. This program is designed to help improve your color-matching skills, communication and reproduction. Plus two continuing education hours (no cost) are available to all users upon request at Second, you will need to understand color theory. Stand by for a CE course on understanding color and shade matching on Dentaltown. Third, you will need some equipment. Digital camera, porcelain oven, glaze and stain. Fourth, a little bit of practice. If your lab guy is near by, sit down at his bench and ask and learn. n velogeek Member Since: 04/15/10 Post: 5 of 44 AUG 1 2012 I send the patient directly to the lab to get the shade – one advantage of using a local guy, though it can still require a remake. n AUG 2 2012 factor78 Member Since: 08/30/07 Post: 9 of 44 I’m going to echo Lane’s comment that matching one anterior crown is one of the hardest things to do in dentistry. I personally don’t think you need to use a local lab. I send mine mattyboy Member Since: 07/02/09 Post: 10 of 44 continued on page 84 83 « NOVEMBER 2012

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