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implants message board Immediate Placement #19 and 20 with BSB » > Message Boards > Implantology > Implantology > Immediate Placement #19 and 20 with BSB emilverban Member Since: 10/13/05 Post: 1 of 97 Introduction: #19 and #20 old endo with recurrent decay – crowns removed for replacement and the photos reveal not much tooth structure left to work with. Not a good day for the patient so we re-appointed for removal and implant placement. Immediate placement is my first choice with these cases. F ig. 1 F ig. 2 F ig. 3 t Find other discussions about immediate placement implants on’s message boards. Immediate Placement of Biodental Bone Level Implants in 86-year-old Female Search: Immediate Placement Implants Immediate Implants into Infected Site Search: Immediate Implants F ig. 6 F ig. 4 F ig. 5 F ig. 7 F ig. 8 F ig. 9 Fig. 1: Original film Fig. 2: After removal of old crowns and decayed tooth structure Fig. 3: #1 BTI – These allow me to enlarge the osteotomy and stay centered in septum. I progressed to #3 BTI to 8mm depth. From there I used 2.2-2.8-3.5-4.2 to 10mm depth. I only had to drill about 2mm apical to the #3 BTI expander. Fig. 4: #20 in place 4.1x12mm BSB – BTI #3 expander to further enlarge osteotomy in septum of bone Fig. 5: Implants placed with HDD’s filled with Grafton – No membrane used Fig. 6: Closure Fig. 7: Another view Fig. 8: Final – #19 4.8WNx10 BSB #20 4.1x12 BSB Fig. 9: One-week follow-up – The cover screws were visible on the first day but not at one week. Fig. 10: One-week follow-up Fig. 11: Removal of healing cuff and poured model of impression Fig. 12: Another view 14 SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT » t A Townie shares a story about immediate placement implants.

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