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case presentation feature by Jason Olitsky, DMD Introduction Trend Toward Better Bulk Fill Composites Traditionally, the procedure for placing large direct posterior restorations has been complex and problematic. In order to guarantee success of the restoration, dentists had to meticulously place composite material by layering and curing 2mm increments.1 The marginal leakage and polymerization shrinkage commonly associated with resin composites were causing clinical failures. In order to address these challenges, flowable composite material was introduced. This new material enhanced marginal adaption and reduced micro-leakage,2 although an additional “capping” layer of composite was needed to create suitable anatomical form. A growing demand from dentists and patients emerged for an advanced bulk fill material that would be simpler to place and provide the required strength and aesthetics. As a result, bulk fill materials demonstrating an improved depth of cure, greater shrinkage resistance and incorporating shrinkage stress relievers were developed. Today’s bulk fill composites demonstrate marginal integrity, adequate resistance to chewing forces in the posterior region, ample working time in ambient light, sufficient radiopacity, good polishing properties, sculptability and aesthetics.3 As a result, modern bulk-fill composites enable dentists to place restorations more efficiently and confidently. 1. 2. 3. 84 Wieczkowski G Jr, Joynt RB, Klockowski R, Davis EL. Effects of incremental versus bulk fill technique on resistance to cuspal fracture of teeth restored with posterior composites. J Prosthet Dent.1988;60(3):283-287. Wagner WC, M. N. Aksu, MN, Neme AM, J. B. Linger, JB, Pink FE, Walker S. (2008) Effect of Pre-heating Resin Composite on Restoration Microleakage. Oper Dent: 2008 Jan-Feb; 33 (1):72-78. Radz M. Gary. Direct Composite Resins. The most critical improvements have come in the filler particles. Inside Dent. 2011:108-114. APRIL 2013 »

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Howard Speaks: What Winners Do and Losers Don’t
Professional Courtesy: Three Cheers for IT
Continuing Education Update
Dentaltown Research: Lasers
“Funny Feeling” on Lower Right Jaw
Missing Laterals, Bonded Maryland Bridges, Ribbond or Something Else?
Corporate Profile: Henry Schein
New Products
Office Visit: A Giant in Dentistry
Do-it-Yourself Finance, Part V: Insurance
Two Techniques to Make a Bite Record for a Full-arch Case
Team Strength: What Drives Your Team to Do More?
Living by the Golden Dozen
Diagnosing Aesthetic Disharmonies
Cosmetic Case Presentation
Using Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill to Easily and Predictably Place Direct Posterior Restorations
Continuing Education: Utilizing Laser Procedures for Restorative Access
Product Profile: Imaging Sciences International’s i-CAT FLX
In This Issue: Preparing for the Future
Perio Reports
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Profile in Oral Health: The RDH’s Approach to Periodontal Therapy: Past, Present and Future
Perio Maintenance
Dentally Incorrect
Dentaltown Special Supplement
Product Profile: Zimmer Dental
Full Lower – Converted to Immediate Load
Immediate Placement #19 and 20 with BSB
American Academy of Implant Dentistry 62nd Annual Meeting Preview
Raising Your Denture Patient to a Higher Standard
Back to the Future – Extractions and Small Diameter Implants for Overdentures
Continuing Education: Top Implantology Breakthroughs for the GP: Part 2

Dentaltown April 2013