Dentaltown February 2013 - (Page Cover1)

Whitening Special Section: Second Opinion: by Dr. Rod Kurthy, page 96 page 51 by Dr. Michael D. Fleming, page 26 Sensitivity Solutions Sleep Dentistry FDA Regulation February 2013 Continuing Education: Full-Arch Appliance Use for Nighttime Parafunction Management by Dr. David Cook, page 102 Hygiene and Prevention Continuing Education: A Division of Farran Media, LLC A.I.M. for Implant Success by Susan S. Wingrove, RDH, page 118

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Dentaltown February 2013 Highlights
Howard Speaks: The SWOT Analysis
Professional Courtesy: Get Off the Hamster Wheel
Continuing Education Update
Second Opinion: Predicting the Future of Dental Amalgam Use and FDA Regulation
Nuts & Bolts Full Arch Case Dissected… Tips, Tricks & Stuff
Employee Embezzlement, Not Sure Which One
Corporate Profile: GC America
Sleep Dentistry Section
Product Profile: Sleep Optima
Breathe Easy: The Advent of CPAP
ACSDD Consortium
Sleep Apnea
Townie Meeting 2013 Last Call!
Do-it-Yourself Finance, Part III: Debt
The Most Effective Presentation Process Ever
“Patient Friendly Dentistry” to the Rescue
Does Kissing Affect Oral Health?
Can Groundhog Day Make a Difference?
Top 10 Tips to a Successful Practice Start-up
How to Build Up the Perfect Tooth
Why We See Problems with Teeth Whitening: The Science of Whitening Part IV – Whitening Sensitivity Solutions
Continuing Education: Full-Arch Appliance Use for Nighttime Parafunction Management
Ad Index
In This Issue: Implants Are Growing in Popularity
Perio Reports
Continuing Education: A.I.M. for Implant Success
Scaling on Patients with Implants
Dentally Incorrect

Dentaltown February 2013