Dentaltown January 2013 - (Page Cover1)

Howard Speaks: Are You a Monster? page 16 DIY Finance: Cash Flow by Dr. Douglas Carlsen, page 67 Second Opinion: Combating “Yelp” by Dr. Leonard F. Tau, page 28 Dentaltown Previews Continuing Education: Whitening Sensitivity by Dr. Rod Kurthy, page 84 What’s on Your Tray? A Division of Farran Media, LLC Composite/Restorative page 62

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Dentaltown January 2013 Highlights
Howard Speaks: Doc, Are You a Monster?
Professional Courtesy: Have You Met TED?
Continuing Education Update
Second Opinion: Yelp Can Be Detrimental to Your Practice: Ways to Combat It
Professional Burnout
Sleep Apnea Screening and Treatment
Townie Meeting is Almost Here!
What’s on Your Tray? Composite/Restorative
Do-it-Yourself Finance, Part II: Cash Flow
Product Profile: Schick 33
Aesthetic Management Using Dermal Fillers in a Patient with Deficient Dental Volume
The Future of Dentistry is Digital: Don’t Be Left Behind
Continuing Education: Why We See Problems with Teeth Whitening: The Science of Whitening, Part III
Industry News
New Year’s Resolution: Stay on Schedule!
Perio Reports
Ad Index
Profile in Oral Health: Dental Hygiene Time Management for the New Year
Dentally Incorrect

Dentaltown January 2013