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Howard Speaks: You Need an Associate Now page 14 DIY Finance: Focus On: You ArebyNot Immortal Dr. Douglas Carlsen, page 67 Dentures page 54 June 2013 Back to Basics: • Handpiece Essentials by Kris Christian, page 76 • Dynamic Websites by Fred Joyal, page 79 Continuing Education: Stainless-Steel Crown Technique for Primary Molars A Division of Farran Media, LLC by Dr. Joel Berg, page 81

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Dentaltown June 2013 Highlights
Howard Speaks: You Need an Associate Now
Professional Courtesy: All of Your Patients Are Famous
Continuing Education Update
Virtually Unlimited Free Domestic Coach Tickets for Two People
CPR – Thank God My Staff Were Trained or I Wouldn’t Be Here to Post This
Townie Tips: Pedo Simplicity with Fenderprime
New to DT – Thought I’d Give This a Try
Industry News
New Products
Corporate Profile: Keating Dental Arts
Office Visit: “Twitter”pated by Teeth
Focus On: Dentures
Successful Practice Acquisitions
Product Profile: Dentrix Communication Manager
Do-it-Yourself Finance, Part VII: You Are Not Immortal
To Bonus or Not to Bonus?
You Should Know: Brightsquid
Handpiece Essentials: Knowledge to Help You Maximize Your Tools
A Dynamic Website and an Equally Dynamic Front Desk Team
Continuing Education: Technique for Use of Stainless-Steel Crowns in Primary Molars
Ad Index
In This Issue: Child’s First Dental Visit
Continuing Educatio:n Window of Opportunity for Prevention: Health Benefits of Early Xylitol Use
Dentally Incorrect

Dentaltown June 2013