Dentaltown March 2013 - (Page Cover1)

Focus On: Are You Prepared for CAD/CAM Materials a Medical Emergency? Place Implants? by Dr. Catherine Goodson, page 103 by Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan, page 26 page 56 Should Endodontists March 2013 Continuing Education: Porcelain Veneers From Case Selection to Cementation by Dr. John Nosti, page 89 Substances for Targeting Xerostomia A Division of Farran Media, LLC by Linda Douglas, RDH, page 124

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Dentaltown March 2013 Highlights
Howard Speaks: Dentistry Could Come Back with a Vengeance
Professional Courtesy: I’m No Anti-Dentite
Continuing Education Update
Second Opinion: Should Endodontists Place Implants?
Needle Stick Question
Am I the Only One Who Didn’t Know How to Use My Loupes?
The Patient Blames Me for Cracking His Tooth
Corporate Profile: {KöR}
CAD/CAM Materials
Dentaltown Research: Cosmetic Dentistry
Do-it-Yourself Finance, Part IV: Savings and Investing
Product Profile: Centrix
Keep Them Coming Back
You Should Know: Likeable Dentists
Multimodality Endodontics
Endodontics for the Recent Graduate: Instrumentation
Continuing Education Porcelain Veneers: From Case Selection to Cementation
8½ Tips for Dental Safety Checklists
How Prepared Are You For a Medical Emergency?
Dental Stem Cell Preservation and the Dawning of Regenerative Oral Medicine
Product Profile: Ivoclar EvoCerem
Narrow Diameter Implant Overdentures with Locator Attachments
In This Issue: Zeroing in on Xerostomia
Perio Reports
Ad Index
Profile in Oral Health: Substances for Targeting Xerostomia
Dentally Incorrect

Dentaltown March 2013