Dentaltown New Grad 2013 - (Page Cover1)

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Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Dentaltown New Grad 2013

Howard Speaks: Informed Decisions
Professional Courtesy: So You Want to Be Successful? Be Professional
Continuing Education Update: Never Stop Learning
After Going Through Dental School, What Advice Would You Give Students?
Checklist for Reviewing an Associate’s Work
You Should Know: Townie Meeting
Office Visit: Resident On Call
Office Visit: In His Element
Are You Prepared to Begin Practicing Dentistry?
Three Stages of a Dental Career
What You Need to Know About Student Debt Relief
Gain an Early Financial Edge
Pregnancy and Employment in the Dental Practice
Personal Protective Equipment
Win Patient Loyalty
Denture Stabilization with Small-diameter Implants
Partnerships: A Match Made in Heaven or a Pathway to Financial Hell
Taking Oral Health Care Education from the Classroom to the Clinic
Continuing Education: Nine Lessons from the Real World

Dentaltown New Grad 2013