Dentaltown February 2014 - (Page Cover1)

Townie Meeting 2014 Preview page 54 Impact of Advantages of an Affordable Carepage 10 Act Howard Speaks, by Dr. Marshall Hanson, page 84 In-Office Oven February 2014 page 45 Corporate Profile: Intuit Demandforce Big Solutions A Division of Farran Media, LLC for Small Businesses

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Dentaltown February 2014 Highlights
Howard Speaks: ACA’s Impact on General Dentistry
Professional Courtesy: There’s a Poll for That!
Continuing Education Update
Teeth vs. Titanium
Where to Start with Sleep Dentistry
Getting People to Socially “Check-in” on Facebook
Corporate Profile: Intuit Demandforce
Restorative Flow Charts
Townie Meeting 2014 Preview
Social Media Strategies that Drive Practice Growth and Profitability
New Products
Ad Index
You Should Know: Einstein Medical
The Advantages of Owning an In-Office Ceramic Oven
Perio Reports
Profile in Oral Health: Understanding the Caries Process
Dentally Incorrect

Dentaltown February 2014