Dentaltown August 2016 - (Page Intro)

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Dentaltown August 2016

Howard Speaks: You Don't Know COGS
Professional Courtesy: The Promise of Technology
Continuing Education Update
Industry News
Dealing with Parents Who Refuse GA Whose Children Obviously Need It
Class II Composite Technique
Best Alginate, Hands Down!
The Pillars of Attraction
Out-of-Pocket Collections: Mending the Holes
Dentists Playing Bankers: A new perspective on accounts receivable
Character Studies: Your financial tendencies likely depend on which of these nine archetypes fits you best
Quality Control: Five reasons you should purchase quality hygiene instruments
Practice Solutions: 3M
Opting Into—Or Out of—Typical Transitions
Treatment of Intraoral Infections
Service Profile: Gilleard Dental Marketing
Product Profile: Ivoclar Vivadent
Immediate Implants: Tips for improving the outcome in the aesthetic zone
New Products
You Should Know: Call Sumo
10 Strategic Insights for Patient-Producing Postcards
Monthly Poll: Pediatric Dentistry
CE: Oral Diseases Associated with Men
Dentally Incorrect

Dentaltown August 2016