Dentaltown January 2016 - (Page Intro)

Endodontic Advancements, by Jeffrey Krupp, DDS, MS page 50 January 2016

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Dentaltown January 2016

HOWARD SPEAKS: What Do You Need in 2016? Another Operatory
PROFESSIONAL COURTESY: The Next Generation of Dentists
Continuing Education Update
Mom Wants to Sit in the Hallway So She Can Hear What We’re Doing to Her Child
Why You Should Never Let Patients Talk You Out of Periodontal Plastic Surgery Before Esthetic Treatment
Chasing Pain: Diagnosing and Treating Trigeminal Neuralgia in General Dentistry
Chasing Sheep: The Four Pillars of Treating the Sleep-Disordered Patient
Product Profi le: Family Dental Marketing
Implementing Orthodontics in Your General Practice
Endodontic Advancements: How Leading Technologies Help Transform Endodontic Treatment Options
The Power of Piezo: A Predictable and Painless Approach
Veneers: Utilizing Silicon Matrices to Optimize Ideal Preparation Design
Improve Your Patients’ Lives Through Pro-Bono Referrals
Progressive Smile Design: Changing the Shape of Cosmetic Dentistry
The Ultimate Handover in Your Dental Office
Meet the New Intraoral Sensor
Want to Compete with Big Business? Tap Into Your Relationships
Saving Her Smile: Immediate Implant Placement and Fixed Provisionalization with Extracted Tooth
Ad Index
The Heart of the Hygienist: Dental Hygiene’s Role in Public Health
What to Do With Patients Who Refuse SRP and Only Want a Cleaning
CONTINUING EDUCATION: Indirect Posterior Composite Restorations
Dentally Incorrect

Dentaltown January 2016