FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 24

Empowered to Lead. Inspired to Serve. Lead4Change is a FREE, fully funded leadership
program reaching middle and high school students with a proven process
to become passionate, service-minded leaders for life. Lead4Change provides
teachers with lessons aligned to National Standards such as, Social Emotional
Learning, 21st Century Skills, Project Based Learning and more. All Teacher and
Student lessons, Pacing Guide and Project Ideas (also virtual) are all available
online and convenient for distance learning. The lessons are leadership driven with activities centered on the challenge of
solving any community service need virtually or in person (your March of Dimes project qualifies).
Student teams can enter the Lead4Change Leadership Challenge for a chance to win up to $10,000 for their non-profit
organizations or school. The deadline to submit your projects for the challenge are x and x. Learn more: Visit www.lead4change.org
to register.
Here is a flyer you can share in your classroom.
Check out the webinar we hosted for 2019-2020 FBLA-PBL Lead4Change winners. This webinar will give you more information
about the program and the benefits to using this curriculum in your classrooms.
The National Technical Honor Society is pleased to continue our partnership with FBLA-PBL by helping to promote their
mission, providing two scholarships to active FBLA-PBL members who are also current NTHS members in good standing,
and providing funding for two FBLA-PBL National Conference events each year. NTHS awards over a quarter of a million
dollars in scholarships to its members annually and has been the acknowledged leader in recognizing outstanding
student achievement in CTE programs across the country for over 30 years. NTHS/FBLA-PBL members are also eligible to
apply for the Jon H. Poteat Scholarship at www.nths.org.
Applicants must be in 10thgrade or higher.
Applicant must be current NTHS member for eligibility.
A fully completed application must be submitted by the deadline date or forfeit eligibility.
Scholarship monies are held up to three (3) years to be used for post-secondary education.
Apply: Application
Eligibility: In 2020-2021, NTHS offers two $1,000 scholarships to students who are current members of both NTHS and FBLA-PBL.
Deadline to apply is April 1, 2021.
FBLA high school members will be able to participate in both qualifying rounds for both tracks of this event.. Both the
FBLA Virtual Business Personal Finance and the FBLA Virtual Business Management Challenges are official competitive
events. Each track encourages FBLA members to test their skills within its particular Virtual Business environment - individually
or as a team of up to 3 members. Team registration begins on Tuesday, October 5, 2021. New this year, students
who qualify will not compete at the NLC, but instead will compete in a virtual final round. Click here for more information.
LifeSmarts is a national educational competition focused on personal finance and consumer topics. It complements the
curriculum already in place in schools and can be used as an activity for classes, groups, clubs, and community organizations.
This free program, open to 6th-12th-grade students in the United States, quizzes students about personal finance,
health and safety, the environment, technology, and consumer rights and responsibilities. Click here for more information.
http://www.lead4change.org http://www.lead4change.org https://fblapbl.sharepoint.com/:b:/s/Communications/EUsqbtns2nhOn1Z7nW1Y-I0BbqWgDpNVSM9uXMQHzR3Rxw?e=WwjnaJ https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/6939464692455931919 http://www.nths.org https://fblapbl.wufoo.com/forms/mkhk70o037xe88/ https://www.knowledgematters.com/highschool/competitions/fbla/ https://www.fbla-pbl.org/portfolio-items/lifesmarts-org-the-national-consumers-league/ https://www.fbla-pbl.org/portfolio-items/lifesmarts-org-the-national-consumers-league/

FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22

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FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 2
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 3
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 4
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 5
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 6
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FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 13
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 14
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 15
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FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 20
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 21
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 22
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 23
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 24
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 25
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 26
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 27
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 28