FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 26

As part of the partnership with Facebook Education, FBLA-PBL is pleased to announce that Facebook has launched their
Blueprint Educators Portal. The Portal includes access to information, materials, and content that easily integrates into
curriculum planning for executing and measuring digital marketing campaigns. This free resource helps educators instill
marketing best practices across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Additionally, the digital marketing skills content in the
Portal helps educators prepare students to earn a Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate Certification.
There are three components to the program:
Educators Portal - designed for educators, our Portal provides a comprehensive set of free educational resources and
instructional materials. These modules take learners through the basics of digital marketing - from starting a campaign
through to executing and measuring a campaign. The Educators Portal currently offers:
28 lessons and 12 quizzes, with corresponding online learning to reinforce engagement and mastery outside of
Presentation materials and student activities
A content module on distance learning
Facilitator notes and suggested teaching time
Case studies
Online Content - with six hours of free online content, your students can continue learning about Facebook's digital
marketing solutions at their own pace.
Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate Certification - through the Blueprint Certification, learners can be sure they
have the confidence to reach their career goals with digital marketing skills across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.
You can learn more about the Educators Portal resources and the higher education program in this informational video.
The partnership between FBLA-PBL and Facebook Education offers the FBLA-PBL community access to the Educators Portal
as well as Facebook- FBLA-PBL webinar events. This partnership will continue into the 2020-2021 academic year allowing
advisers ample time to integrate the content into their curriculum plans. Facebook FAQs for Educators
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https://educator.facebookblueprint.com/student/catalog?content_id=cQ2HRCmigjYZMN0 https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/series/guide-to-digital-marketing-using-facebook?content_id=Z6AB1Oecl8GHby5 https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/certification/exams/100-101-exam?content_id=YqRUSxvmNXcLC6T https://educator.facebookblueprint.com/student/page/205469?content_id=9XyvaR6ltTTxTlA https://www.fbla-pbl.org/media/educators-portal-faq.pdf http://www.geico.com https://www.geico.com/landingpage/member-discount/?logo=17905&utm_source=future-business-leaders-of-america/phi-beta-lambdas&utm_medium=site-link&utm_campaign=sponsored-professionalgroup

FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22

FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 1
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 2
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 3
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 4
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 5
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 6
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 7
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 8
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 9
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 10
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 11
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 12
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 13
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 14
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 15
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 16
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 17
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 18
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 19
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 20
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 21
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 22
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 23
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 24
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 25
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 26
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 27
FBLA Adviser Guide 2021-22 - 28