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Students in the FBLA-PBL Stock Market Game (SMG) may work individually or in teams of two to five members to build and
manage a successful investment portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, using a hypothetical $100,000. They track their
investments over the course of 15 weeks, receiving valuable opportunities to practice core math, English Language Arts, and
research skills as well as fundamental business, economics and social studies content in a real-world scenario.
The Fall 2020 SMG session is September 14 - December 4. The registration deadline is October 16.
The Spring 2021 SMG session is February 1 - April 23. That registration deadline is March 5.
The registration fee for each team is $10.95. Students will be ranked by division and winners will be publicized through FBLA-PBL.
Once registration opens, to purchase and register teams for the Stock Market Game please follow the instructions below.

Please click this link.
Login into your account.
Click blue button that says: "Purchase for *school name*"
Click Review & Checkout under the Spring "Stock Market Game" button.
Under Quantity use the arrow to select how many teams you are purchasing the game for.
Each team can have 1-5 participants.
The cost is $10.95 per team.
We only accept credit card payments for the Stock Market Game.
After you change the quantity, click "update cart."
Scroll to the bottom and click the checkout button.
Once you have purchased teams for the Stock Market Game please visit http://fbla-pbl.smgww.org and complete a team request
form to receive your team IDs and passwords.

As part of the partnership with Facebook Education, FBLA-PBL is pleased to announce that Facebook has launched their Blueprint Educators Portal. The Portal
includes access to information, materials, and content that easily integrates into
curriculum planning for executing and measuring digital marketing campaigns.
This free resource helps educators instill marketing best practices across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Additionally, the digital marketing skills content in the Portal helps educators prepare students to earn a Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate
There are three components to the program:



Educators Portal - designed for educators, our Portal provides a comprehensive set of free educational resources and instructional
materials. These modules take learners through the basics of digital marketing - from starting a campaign through to executing
and measuring a campaign. The Educators Portal currently offers:
28 lessons and 12 quizzes, with corresponding online learning to reinforce engagement and mastery outside of lessons.
Presentation materials and student activities
A content module on distance learning
Facilitator notes and suggested teaching time
Case studies
Online Content - with six hours of free online content, your students can continue learning about Facebook's digital marketing
solutions at their own pace.
Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate Certification - through the Blueprint Certification, learners can be sure they have
the confidence to reach their career goals with digital marketing skills across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

You can learn more about the Educators Portal resources and the higher education program in this informational video.
The partnership between FBLA-PBL and Facebook Education offers the FBLA-PBL community access to the Educators Portal as well as
Facebook- FBLA-PBL webinar events. This partnership will continue into the 2020-2021 academic year allowing advisers ample time
to integrate the content into their curriculum plans. Facebook FAQs for Educators

https://nam12.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Ffbla-pbl.us18.list-manage.com%2Ftrack%2Fclick%3Fu%3D38dd74e96bee8bd6d558ddb63%26id%3D7cf8c502ef%26e%3D3cba5082b9&data=02%7C01%7Cawoodson%40fbla.org%7Cb1f868c06fee4b4f9e0208d7a5886aa7%7Cf8dc1ea31b964498afe59a1ba91b6a7e%7C0%7C0%7C637159877682590716&sdata=2wedVhyrPUKYEd1Nh1Yxutk57ku5GUnAeIG%2Bb0%2Bcueo%3D&reserved=0 http://fbla-pbl.smgww.org https://educator.facebookblueprint.com/student/catalog?content_id=cQ2HRCmigjYZMN0 https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/series/guide-to-digital-marketing-using-facebook?content_id=Z6AB1Oecl8GHby5 https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/certification/exams/100-101-exam?content_id=YqRUSxvmNXcLC6T https://educator.facebookblueprint.com/student/page/205469?content_id=9XyvaR6ltTTxTlA https://www.fbla-pbl.org/media/educators-portal-faq.pdf

FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21

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Welcome Letter
The Core of FBLA-PBL
FBLA Quick Start
Adviser Duties
FBLA Calendar
Conference Opportunities
Chapter & Member Service Projects & Awards
Chapter & Member Leadership Programs & Awards
Chapter & Member Competitions
Partner Programs
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - No label
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - Contents
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - 3
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - Welcome Letter
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - 5
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - The Core of FBLA-PBL
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - 7
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - FBLA Quick Start
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - 9
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - 10
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - 11
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - 12
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - 13
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - 14
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - 15
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - Adviser Duties
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - Fundraising
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - FBLA Calendar
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - 19
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - Conference Opportunities
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - Chapter & Member Service Projects & Awards
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - Chapter & Member Leadership Programs & Awards
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - 23
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - Chapter & Member Competitions
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - Partner Programs
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - 26
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - 27
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - 28
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - 29
FBLA Adviser Guide 2020-21 - 30