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utilized these resources rendered
by FBLA to develop and design a
self-made clothing name. Though
small in numbers as of now, Kennedi
Odom and her small business have
the ability to mature into something
prominent in the coming years.

She Helps Her: Women's
Health Awareness
By Sean Smith
In the midst of a pandemic, most
high schoolers aren't innovating to
start a business or organization. This
wasn't the case for three Dougherty
Valley High School (DVHS) FBLA
members: Suhani Akhouri, Sindhoori
Kalavacharla, and Gisela Liu. What
initially began as Sindhoori's passion
for female health hygiene turned into
a newfound partnership during an
ideathon arranged by Suhani; now, it
has grown to be so much more. After
six months of meticulous planning,
these young women launched their
organization She Helps Her: a nonprofit organization that aims to provide
access to female health education
and hygiene products, as well as
to raise awareness about various
women's health issues in the Bay Area

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of California. Suhani, Sindhoori, and
Gisela decided that their collective
efforts during these unprecedented
times could create a positive impact on
others in their community
Through social media initiatives
and donation drives for feminine
health products, She Helps Her began
spreading much-needed awareness for
women's health. As fellow members of
DVHS FBLA, these young women were
empowered to succeed in their efforts,
which led to a following of over 1,000
on their non-profit's Instagram. They
were able to find a community that
gave them the boost needed to bring
She Helps Her to reality. As chapter
officers, Suhani and Gisela were able
to transfer their leadership practices
onto She Helps Her. They realized that
what you learn in FBLA is completely
transferable and vice versa, as the
perspectives gained in running their
own organization will enhance their
leadership and performance abilities.
To anyone attempting to pursue
this path, our three entrepreneurs
encourage you to start early by
simply sitting down and writing. They
emphasize that communication is
key, and that, to be an effective leader,
you must listen to every point of view
to effectively assess the most viable

solution. With the start of a new year,
She Helps Her reflects on what they've
done so far to gain a clearer view of
the future. In the future, the girls hope
that She Helps Her will be spread
across multiple communities (maybe
even become global!), ideate more
well-developed ideas, and expand to a
larger team.
Make sure to follow along on
Suhani, Sindhoori, and Gisela's mission
to spread female health awareness on
Instagram @shehelpsher!


Roseburg FBLA: Giving
Thanks to Frontline
By Khushi Bhatt
It is the mission statement of FBLA to
foster community-minded business
leaders in the future generation.
Because of the current global
situation, many healthcare workers
are continuing to work tirelessly in
spite of perilous working conditions.
One school in particular recognized
their struggles and decided to take
initiative by sending much-deserved
videos and letters of encouragement
to these frontline workers. FBLA is
proud to announce that the leaders
behind this initiative were the
members of Oregon's FBLA chapter in
Roseburg High School.
In prior years, Roseburg FBLA
focused on organizing various
community fundraisers to afford
hosting events that would maximize
the experience for each of their
members. However, this year,
Roseburg FBLA sent a total of 60
personalized letters and a compilation
of 30 videos to healthcare workers as
a way to give back to their community
as well as show gratitude to those
risking their lives to save others.
Although most of these letters and
videos were from actual members
of the Roseburg FBLA chapter, many


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