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five years. Caraballo Ortiz plans on
graduating with his bachelor's degree
in Accounting and on his way to
becoming an accountant by enrolling
in a Master of Accounting program.
Additionally, he will be working to
obtain his CPA certificate. He wants to
own a business and to join politics in
Puerto Rico one day.

He outlined some of the
initiatives his state leadership team
has been working to implement
this year. " During this year we have
opened all our social media accounts
to connect more with our members,
now that we have six state officers it
has been easier, and we have been
planning more activities compared

to four state activities last year, "
Caraballo Ortiz said.
During tough times like
these Caraballo Ortiz highlighted
that communities are struggling
immensely and giving back in even
the smallest ways can make such a big
difference. He shared the importance
of PBL Puerto Rico's initiative to give

back during the pandemic. " We are
trying to support our members but
also our community, " Caraballo Ortiz
said. " Because of the pandemic,
everyone has been affected, and
it has been difficult, so we want to
give resources to the community. "
Caraballo Ortiz has an
overwhelming sense of optimism
that is evident in his hope for the
future and his passion for PBL. He
shared some of the positive ways
that PBL has impacted him and
helped him beyond familiarizing
him with English.
" It's important to network.
Networking helped me to develop
professionally, " Caraballo Ortiz said.
" Another thing is that I realized how
important it is to communicate
with others and to understand
what others are thinking. Teamwork
also is important. Thanks to PBL
I've learned how to complete
applications, put together a resume
and write a letter of application,
and communicate with people for
activities or an internship. "
Networking, professional
development, and communication
skills are only some of the ways that
PBL has affected Caraballo Ortiz's
life. He also has seen immense
personal growth through his time
in FBLA-PBL. " I've learned how to
be confident because when you are
at the professional level, doing an
activity or talking to someone, you
need to have confidence, " Caraballo
Ortiz said. " I have learned to have
more confidence in myself and
realize I know the things I'm capable
of, and I just need to work through
them, and if I make any mistakes,
it's part of the process. From those
mistakes, I'm learning, and I'm
becoming a better person. "
To hear more about Luis'
inspiring story, watch the interview
via the digital version of TBL.

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