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FBLA-PBL sponsors and
partners provide many benefits

and programs for members and advisers,
including educational programs,
scholarships, and discount programs.
Sponsors generously provide the cash
awards and trophies for the top winners of
our National Leadership Conference (NLC)
competitive events program and other
conference activities.

Do you need meaningful career
experiences in 2021 for students despite the
COVID-19 pandemic?
Rubin, a leader in curriculum for business
communication, is here to help with its *free*, live
webinar series! Twice a month Danny Rubin, founder
of Rubin, leads a webinar in which he interviews
professionals in different occupations. This winter/
spring 2021, Rubin will talk with people who work in
nursing, cybersecurity, gaming, law, agriculture, the film
industry and more.
Visit the digital version of TBL to find the full list of
webinar days/times and register today!

for Economic
Education (FEE)
Ideal for the ambitious, business-focused student and
named by Forbes as a top high school program, FBLA
advisers can now connect students with engaging
professors from top universities presenting critical
lessons in a fun and interactive way. These highly-rated,
free-of-charge webinars help equip students with tools
needed to succeed in the classroom and as leaders
in the business world. Choose from topics including
Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Pivotal Moments
in American History, Economics and Government/
Civics. Availability is limited, so reserve a 60-minute
(or custom time slot) for your student webinar at
Sponsored by the Foundation for Economic
Education FEE.org or email seminars@fee.org for details.

National Technical
Honor Society
The National Technical Honor Society
currently serves thousands of FBLA-PBL and other CTSO
members while awarding over a quarter of a million
dollars in scholarships to members annually. NTHS
honors the achievements of top Career and Technical
Education (CTE) students, encourages the pursuit of
higher education, and cultivates excellence in today's
highly competitive, skilled workforce. For over 35 years,
NTHS has been the acknowledged leader in recognizing
outstanding student achievement in CTE programs
across the country.
NTHS partners with FBLA-PBL to provide scholarship
opportunities to students who are current members of
both organizations.
Start an NTHS chapter today!

Knowledge Matters
Knowledge Matters, a proud FBLA
partner, offers the most popular
and widely used digital curriculum-Virtual Business
simulations-for teaching high school business,
marketing, and personal finance/financial literacy.
Beloved by students and teachers, Virtual Business
simulations are browser-based, visually immersive, and
designed to engage digitally native students who have
grown up using multiple devices and apps.
Virtual Business simulations can be used seamlessly
for remote, hybrid, or classroom teaching.
Virtual Business-Entrepreneurship is the most
recent simulation released, and it's already the most
widely used entrepreneurship curriculum for high school
students. Researching and launching their own business,
students learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship as
they work to build their business empires.
Nine different Virtual Business simulations are
available for one affordable price for schools and
districts via Virtual Business All-Access. Learn more today
at www.knowledgematters.com


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https://www.nths.org/establish-a-chapter/ http://www.knowledgematters.com http://www.FEE.org/classroom http://www.FEE.org

TBL Late Spring 2021

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