TBL Late Spring 2021 - 6


By PBL National President Ellie Murphy

Greetings PBL Members and Advisers,
As we prepare for the National Leadership Conference, your National Center
and National Officer team are here to help you in whatever way we can. As
you experience your State Leadership Conferences, I wish you the best of luck
and hope to see you at the 2021 NLC!
With the arrival of March, we have much to celebrate: Women's History
Month, the Uniform Challenge in full swing, and we are launching a brand
NEW membership engagement campaign: Membership Madness!
This program will encourage chapters to begin recruiting and registering
new members before the membership deadline closes. Why should you
participate? This will help your chapter get its footing before the end of
year, ensure that all your collegiate peers can attend NLC, and you have the
opportunity to win sweet prizes like Apple Watches, Amazon Echo Dots, and
SO much more! I look forward to seeing the top chapters emerge to the bracket challenge. Click here
for more info!
This year I have also been able to represent PBL on the PBL Brand Task Force. We are preparing
recommendations to bring to the Board of Directors to improve the membership experience. Thank
you to all who participated in the membership survey.
Last but certainly not least, you National Officers are busy preparing for the National Leadership
Conference which will be coming to you LIVE from the National Center. We are so excited for what's
in store, and hope you are too!
Ellie Murphy
PBL National President (IL)


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PBL members have a competitive edge and now
is the time to make sure your chapter ends on a
strong note. Do you have the best of the best in your
chapter ready to join in the National Leadership
Conference? Whether you plan to compete in the
National Awards Program, network and engage
in specialized PBL sessions, or run for the National
Officer team, the first step is ensuring you are an
actively registered and paid member!
" Membership Madness " is a special campaign
designed to help PBL chapters retain and recruit
members, while vying for bragging rights (and
other great prizes) as a top collegiate chapter!
Visit www.fbla-nlc.org for more info!

http://www.instagram.com/ellielmurphy https://fbla-nlc.org/membership-madness/

TBL Late Spring 2021

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