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Racial Equity

from the Inside Out


nding systemic racism is complex and will
require long-term dedication for everyone to
do their part. At Intuit, diversity and inclusion
isn't just something we do - it's part of who
we are and is essential to realize our mission of powering
prosperity around the world. That's why we're committed
to doing even more to create a more inclusive world both
within our company and beyond.
This work goes beyond our four walls and we hope
to inspire others so that we can collectively drive greater
societal transformation. Here are some key actions we are
taking towards addressing racial equity:

Inclusive Practices and Policies: We're more
rigorously embedding DEI data and analysis into our
company's operations by evaluating and making
appropriate improvements to our pay, promotion,
mobility, performance feedback and ratings to
improve equity.
The above represent just a few of the steps Intuit is
taking towards addressing racial equity. We're making
progress and are committed to building a scalable
infrastructure for the future. Achieving diversity, equity
and inclusion is a journey that is focused not just on
ending systemic racism today, but for the future.

Underrepresented Minority Recruiting: Increasing
representation within our own workforce involves
hiring more top talent from underrepresented groups
at all levels. Towards this effort, we are expanding our
recruiting efforts to target geographies and schools
with larger populations of underrepresented groups,
as well as through partnerships
with professional associations like
AfroTech and Black Professionals in
Tech Network help drive change.

Interested in learning more & taking action? In
partnership with Intuit, FBLA has launched the inaugural
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Competition. Join the journey,
and apply design thinking skills to create innovative
solutions towards addressing racial equity in your chapter,
community and world.

Employee Training &
Development: Hiring diverse
candidates isn't enough and we're
doing more to retain our employees
from underrepresented groups. We
know that in order to unlock the
benefits of diversity, you must lead
with inclusion so employees know
they can be themselves at work and
that they belong. Our ultimate goal
is for every single Intuit employee to
be able to bring their full, authentic
self to work, every day.


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