FBLA-PBL Spring 2021 TBL - 11

Rob Fauver
Senior Associate University
Talent Acquisition
Rob Fauver is a University Recruiter
at KPMG. Rob started his professional
career in KPMG's Federal Audit practice in
Washington, DC following his graduation
from Penn State University in May 2017.
In April 2020, Rob made the switch over to University Talent
Acquisition, mentoring students and helping them connect their
interests to career opportunities at one of the world's leading
professional services firms, leading campus recruiting efforts at six
colleges and universities in the area.
Rob is also a proud alumnus and supporter of FBLA-PBL. Rob
was a 4-year Pennsylvania FBLA member, winning multiple local,
regional, state, and national awards, as well as a 4-year Pennsylvania
PBL member. Currently, he sits on the Pennsylvania FBLA Board of
Directors as the Business & Industry Representative and donates
his time as a judge at both the PA FBLA and OH FBLA State
Leadership Conferences.
Jessica Blazer
Audit Partner
Jessica Blazer is an audit partner in KPMG's
Federal Audit Practice in Washington, DC.
She has more than 19 years of experience
serving clients in this industry as well as
commercial clients. She is also involved
with KPMG's Federal Advisory practice.
Jessica is actively involved in Diversity,
Equity and Inclusion initiatives, serving on the board of directors
of the Greater Washington Ascend Chapter and as a " Partner
Champion " for KPMG's Asian Pacific Islander Business Resource
Group in the Washington DC areas. Ms. Blazer received her Bachelor
of Science in Business Administration from the University of
Richmond. She is a CPA in Virginia and the District of Columbia and is
a member of the AICPA.
Jorge Lopez
Advisory Associate
Jorge A. Lopez Jr is a passionate and
enthusiastic individual working as a CIO
Consultant in KPMG's Advisory services.
Jorge recently graduated from San Jose
State University with a degree in Business
administration- Finance. In college, he was
a residential advisor and conducted three
internships with KPMG. In his current role Jorge works on leading,
managing, and executing numerous global software end-user
license compliance reviews for large Fortune 500 software vendor
clients. Jorge performs reviews on companies spanning various
industries including financial, healthcare, power, retail, software, and
government sectors.
Aron Ralston
Motivational Speaker, Inspirer,
Leader and Fearless Adventurer
& Subject of the Film, 127 Hours
Aron Ralston's extraordinary story of survival
after an 800-pound boulder trapped him
in a remote Utah canyon captured global
headlines in 2003. Ralston takes audiences vicariously through those
six days without water, means of communication, or hope of escape,
to the ecstatic moments when he freed himself by severing his own
arm. Aron's incredible triumph in the face of insurmountable odds
inspires audiences to harness the power of their deepest motivations,
relationships, and mindset to transform personal and professional
" boulders " into their blessings.
Gitanjali Rao
TIME's 2020 Kid of the Year
Scientist and Inventor
" Observe, brainstorm, research, build and
communicate. " That is what the brilliant
young scientist and inventor Gitanjali Rao
told actor and activist Angelina Jolie about
her process, over Zoom, from her home
in Colorado, during a break in her virtual
schooling. Just 15 years old, Rao has been selected from a field of
more than 5,000 nominees as TIME's first ever Kid of the Year. She
spoke about her astonishing work using technology to tackle issues
ranging from contaminated drinking water to opioid addiction and
cyberbullying, and about her mission to create a global community
of young innovators to solve problems the world over. Even over
video chat, her brilliant mind and generous spirit shone through,
along with her inspiring message to other young people: don't try
to fix every problem, just focus on one that excites you. " If I can do it, "
she said, " anybody can do it. "
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