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our business in high school as an LLC
and continued when we relocated
to Nashville. It doesn't have to be
something big. We are definitely in an
age that you can do anything if you
work really hard. You have to give a lot
of effort. " - Kendra
" The hardest thing is everyone's
path in business is different so you need
to consider how you might inspire the
next generation. You aren't ever too
young to start a business. Many people
don't think there is a business aspect
to making music. A lot of what we do
is learning by doing. Anyone who is
starting a new business, you are going
to make mistakes but keep going. "
- Krista
" Before there was a Country musicduo
named Tigirlily (pronounced
Tie-Girl-Lilly), it was simply Kendra
and Krista Slaubaugh; sisters, 2 ½
years apart. The two sisters grew
up in a home where singing was
encouraged. The two girls learned
early how to harmonize with each
other. Taking a cue from a few
of their musical influences - The
Chicks, Sugarland, Rascal Flatts
- Kendra and Krista effortlessly
blend their voices to create rich and
robust harmonies.
In 2013, at the ages of 16 (Kendra)
and 14 (Krista), the two sisters made
the decision to pursue singing,
songwriting and performing full time.
With that Tigirlily, the band taking
its name from the 'Tiger Lily' flower
that grew in the garden of the girls'
childhood home, was now born. "
And so begins the journey of
two North Dakota natives and FBLA
alumnae. FBLA National Center caught
up with Kendra and Krista to discuss
their recent breakthrough in the music
industry during the not-so-typical
pandemic year.
We asked Kendra and Krista
FBLA: " I remember the sense of
community, identifying people with
their aspirations, being part of a group.
We've had the chance to head back to
North Dakota for their SLCs and there
is so much energy that we remember
so well. " - Kendra
" All knowledge is valuable.
Nothing you ever learn will hurt you.
It is about taking what you learn and
applying to whatever is your journey.
FBLA was part of this start. " - Krista
On Launching a Business: " I love
entrepreneurs and those who are
passionate about projects. We started
On the COVID-19 Pandemic: " We
have been independent artists for eight
years now, and when the pandemic
hit we went from three to four shows a
week to no shows. We had to adjust our
business plan and we had to be open to
something new. We did Facebook Live
once a week and nurtured our social
media fans. We also wanted to focus on
who we wanted to be. The pandemic
allowed us to focus. "
- Kendra
On Teamwork: " You have to be aware
of the moving parts and finding the
right people to work with is essential.
So much of what we do is built on trust
and it allows us to focus on what we do
best. " - Krista
On Goal-Setting: " When we signed
our record deal with Monument, that
was a dream goal. We are constantly
resetting our goals. As things return to
normal, we want to get on tours but
we also want to keep communication
open. " - Kendra
" We don't think we aren't
successful if we don't meet goals. For us,
it's about realizing that we have made a
successful business and we are making
a living. You never will feel like you are
at the pinnacle of success if you keep
aspiring. " - Krista

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