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Phi Beta Lambda Member
Saves Life
of Man
The following story was originally published on the Gift of Life
blog on April 12, 2021. It is reprinted here with permission.
The entire experience is amazing and super rewarding. I
n February 23, 2020, just two
weeks before the United States went on
a national stay-at-home order, Zachary
swabbed his cheek to join Gift of Life's
registry. A Campus Ambassador from Gift of
Life made a compelling presentation at his Phi Beta Lambda
Fraternity chapter at the University of Michigan, but Zachary
already knew the importance of fighting blood cancer.
" My grandpa had multiple myeloma, a form of blood
cancer, for many years and was such a warrior in fighting it, "
said Zachary. " Unfortunately, he lost his battle in 2011, but
not before kicking its butt for decades. He showed me what
it means to be strong and to persevere through adversity.
I know there are people fighting that same fight today, so
having the ability to help out in any way possible is truly
special to me. "
Zachary was in the college library when Gift of Life called
to say he matched a 61-year-old man fighting leukemia, and
could possibly save his life.
" It hadn't occurred to me how rare it is to be a match,
and once I understood this I almost couldn't believe it, " said
Zachary. " It had only been nine months since I swabbed,
which is even crazier. I was ready to donate from the start. "
After talking to his mom and making sure she was
onboard (she was completely excited!) Zachary was fortunate
to have his donation date scheduled during winter break.
Since he lives in Palm Beach Gardens, just north of Boca Raton
where Gift of Life's Adelson Collection Center is located, it
worked out perfectly.
implore you to get swabbed because you never know if you
could be the one to save someone's life.
Coincidentally, Zachary's aunt is preparing for an
autologous stem cell transplant (one that uses the patient's
own stem cells) and her collection was going on at the
same time as Zachary's, making for a special moment the
two were able to share by phone.
" Everything was so convenient, it's almost like this was
meant to be, " said Zachary. " During donation I watched a
movie, talked on the phone, it was super relaxing. The staff
took excellent care of me, bringing me food and making
sure I was comfortable and happy - I felt like a king when I
was there. "
He also feels that donating is an incredible experience
that has meaning for him.
" I would donate again and again, it means a lot for me
just to be able to donate and help someone who needs
it, " he said. " The entire experience is amazing and super
rewarding. I implore you to get swabbed because you
never know if you could be the one to save someone's life. "
Zachary is majoring in business administration at the
University of Michigan, where he will graduate in May 2022.
He is interested in marketing within the sports industry after
graduation - combining his professional interests with his
passion for sports. However, he's also considering pursuing his
MBA or even law school. He is the editor-in-chief of the Sport
Business Association Journal for the Michigan Sport Business
Association. In his free time he enjoys watching sports, playing
sports, and spending time with his friends.

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