FBLA-PBL Spring 2021 TBL - 25

FBLA-PBL sponsors and
partners provide many benefits and
programs for members and advisers, including
educational programs, scholarships, and discount
programs. Sponsors generously provide the cash
awards and trophies for the top winners of our
National Leadership Conference (NLC) competitive
events program and other conference activities.
for Economic
Education (FEE)
FBLA students: Get inspired during
Entrepreneur Week!
This summer from July 12-July 15 our partners at the
Foundation for Economic Education will be hosting a
free online event, Entrepreneur Week, to help demystify
entrepreneurship and inspire young people to launch a
self-started career or enterprise.
* Entrepreneur Week is a public 4-day cross-platform
online event
Three days are in English, and one day is in Spanish
* Participants will learn to carve their own
entrepreneurial path
The format will be talks, panel discussions, and Q&As
Expert advice from artists, influencers, entrepreneurs,
YouTubers, and creative self-starters
Featured Session Topics:
Economics of video games and live streaming
* How young people can market themselves on
social media
Financial freedom tips for budding entrepreneurs
If you're interested or know someone who might be,
learn more and register here: go.fee.org/eweekfbla
Power Speakers Unlimited
Crafted for students in every grade level
beginning from Kindergarten - 12th
Grade, Power Speakers Unlimited offers
virtual public speaking programs (year round and seasonal) to
unleash every child's individual potential, spark their creativity
and give them an environment to grow and excel in.
Power Speakers Unlimited instructors bring in over 30
years of experience and also offer engaging summer camps,
leadership and entrepreneurship programs, interview
prep (for High School students), and public speaking
workshops! With Powerful Speakers across the nation, our
youth have both participated in and won across several
national competitions.
In keeping with our mission to foster confidence, selfesteem
and independence, we're constantly conducting
our very own competitions, offering certifications and
rolling out new programs that tackle global issues and
career-oriented topics, to propel our youth into becoming
global leaders!
Country Meats
Since 1978 Country Meats has sold over
135 million smoked snack sticks to help
fundraisers meet their goals! We started in a retrofitted
barn creating some of the tastiest smoked snack sticks
around! Country Meats is dedicated to bringing you highquality
snacks that deliver top-notch fundraising results.
With 12+ flavors, there is something for everyone to enjoy.
Our snack sticks are made with 90% lean meat and are
slow-smoked for 18 hours. They are high in protein, low
in carbs, and have 0 trans fats! Sell each stick for $1, and
earn a 45% profit. Simple! Each case is $89.00 including
S&H. We give you 10 free sticks per case purchased, and
when you sell those for $1, it covers your S&H costs! We
offer a FREE sample to any fundraiser wanting to taste the
amazing quality of our snack sticks. Go to CountryMeats.
com and order yours today!
Unreal Campaign
FBLA members know the value of
a brand-brands help successful
businesses market themselves to consumers and allow
those businesses to stand out among competitors. You
may know that there are companies that sell counterfeits,
but did you know these inauthentic goods extend to
car parts, cell phones, computer accessories, and even
household goods like batteries, makeup, and toothpaste?
The sale of counterfeits is more than just a scam-
these products threaten public safety, violate workers'
rights, and weaken national economies. Get the facts
about the importance of trademarks, intellectual property,
and the dangers of counterfeit products by visiting the
Unreal Campaign at www.unrealcampaign.com or
checking us out on social media (@unrealcampaign).
Knowledge Matters
Knowledge Matters, a proud
FBLA partner, offers the most
popular and widely used digital
curriculum - Virtual Business simulations - for teaching
high school business, marketing, and personal finance/
financial literacy.
Beloved by students and teachers, Virtual Business
simulations are browser-based, visually immersive, and
SPRING 2021 | 23 |
http://go.fee.org/eweekfbla http://www.unrealcampaign.com

FBLA-PBL Spring 2021 TBL

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