FBLA-PBL Spring 2021 TBL - 26

designed to engage digitally native students who have
grown up using multiple devices and apps.
Virtual Business simulations can be used seamlessly for
remote, hybrid, or classroom teaching.
Virtual Business - Entrepreneurship is the most recent
simulation released, and it's already the most widely used
entrepreneurship curriculum for high school students.
Researching and launching their own business, students learn
the fundamentals of entrepreneurship as they work to build
their business empires.
Nine different Virtual Business simulations are
available for one affordable price for schools and districts
via Virtual Business All-Access. Learn more today at www.
Tomorrow's business
leaders are looked to as the
generation that will do the important work to solve some
of society's biggest problems. To keep these future leaders
on the right track, guidance, advice, and a vetted path is
critical to provide them the agency they deserve and require
in making informed decisions to play the important role of
defining their bright future.
myOptions® can help.
myOptions® is the nation's largest free college and
career planning program. Our no-cost platform, myOptions
Encourage™, allows educators and mentors to engage with
students and families - in-person or remotely - to guide
the planning process with integrated exploration apps,
progress monitoring and reporting, and college application
management tools.
National Technical Honor Society
The National Technical Honor Society
believes that Career & Technical
Education students are the heartbeat
of our future workforce. Since 1984,
NTHS has served as the honor society
for Career & Technical Education, striving to help celebrate,
honor and empower students across the country who are
honing their skills and preparing for their careers. NTHS
not only recognizes excellence in CTE, but also provides
nearly $300,000 in scholarships annually to our members,
including $2,000 specifically to students who are members
of both FBLA or PBL and NTHS. NTHS recently launched
the Career Readiness Portal powered by MajorClarity. This
outstanding member benefit add-on gives NTHS members
the opportunity to explore career paths, earn microcredentials,
search over $7 billion in scholarships, find the
right postsecondary institutions to continue their career path,
and even connect with employers. Learn more at www.NTHS.
org/crp. Don't have a chapter? Email info@nths.org to get
started today.
Updates coming to help advisers in chapter management!
The FBLA-PBL National Center has been working with a
focus group of state leaders and local chapter advisers to
rollout some changes and enhancements to the membership
database. Stay tuned to the Leadership Community
as we prepare updates including:
✓ A Refreshed Portal Landing Page
✓ Easy to Use Database with
Increased Functionality
✓ Streamlined System for Registering
and Paying for Members
✓ Help Desk Ticketing System for
Improved Customer Service
We look forward to working with you in the 2021-22 membership year!
http://www.knowledgematters.com http://www.NTHS

FBLA-PBL Spring 2021 TBL

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