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A note about elections from the 2020-21
FBLA-PBL Election Committee Chair
important opportunity for candidates
to introduce themselves.
For PBL, all candidates for
elected positions will give their
speeches during the National
Officer Campaigning Rally. During
this session, candidates for
National Parliamentarian will also
be introduced.
A candidate's ability to handle
questions from delegates during
campaign hours is important; if
elected, this person will serve as an
ambassador representing FBLA or
PBL at various conferences. The Q&A
session is a valuable way to learn
more about a candidate's experience,
platform, and goals.
For FBLA regional vice president
candidates, a 15-minute Q&A session
takes place immediately following
campaign speeches. During this
session, local voting delegates are
invited to ask questions. Q&A for
the positions of national president,
secretary, and treasurer takes place
during a separate session attended
primarily by state presidents and state
voting delegates.
For PBL, a Q&A for all positions
for elected office takes place during
a separate session attended by local
chapter voting delegates.
Booths and the Virtual
Campaign Hall
The virtual campaign hall is where
candidates display their website and
campaign materials at their virtual
booths and candidates can converse
with members about their platforms
using a chat function. Over the course
of two days, the campaign hall is filled
with spirited competition as members
interact with candidates and their
campaign teams.
Student leaders from across the United States seized the opportunity to apply
for National Office. Serving as a National Officer is more than honor; it is an
opportunity to lead at a national level, driving FBLA-PBL's mission through the
organization's strategic plan.
Now it is time for you, the members, to decide who will best represent you
as National Officers in the next membership year. Campaigns and elections will
take place at the PBL National Leadership Conference on June 24-27 and the
FBLA National Leadership Conference on June 29 to July 2.
The following positions will be voted on during NLC:
FBLA National Officers
1. President (Elected by State Voting Delegates)
2. Secretary (Elected by State Voting Delegates)
3. Treasurer (Elected by State Voting Delegates)
4. Eastern Region Vice President (Elected by Local Voting Delegates)
5. Mountain Plains Region Vice President (Elected by Local Voting Delegates)
6. North Central Region Vice President (Elected by Local Voting Delegates)
7. Southern Region Vice President (Elected by Local Voting Delegates)
8. Western Region Vice President (Elected by Local Voting Delegates)
9. National Parliamentarian (Appointed based on written test score)
PBL National Officers
1. President
2. Executive Vice President
3. Vice President of Communication
4. Vice President of Financial Development
5. Vice President of Membership
6. National Parliamentarian (Appointed based on written test score)
New for 2021, the FBLA-PBL National Board of Directors established an
Elections Committee to support the annual election of national officers. As
chair, I am joined by Jody Jones, Florida FBLA-PBL State Adviser; Jeff Victor, New
Jersey FBLA-PBL State Chair; Kianna Bolante, FBLA National Parliamentarian,
and Maddy Remington, PBL National Parliamentarian to execute the following
official responsibilities:
Establish and Provide Oversight on Policies and Procedures to Support the
Annual Election of the National Student Officers by Division.
Support National Center Staff in Conducting the Election to include:
reviewing candidate applications, establishing guidelines for campaign
materials, and ensuring compliance with all policies and procedures by
candidates, local chapters, and state affiliates.
To learn more about this year's National Officer Elections, Campaigns, and
voting process click FBLA or PBL. It has been a pleasure working toward such
an important part of our organization's leadership process. I look forward to
watching our voting delegations take on this special responsibility this year.
With appreciation,
Dan Hazlett, Member
FBLA-PBL National Board of Directors
North Carolina PBL State Adviser
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