FBLA TBL December 22 - 16

Cheryl Reid-Simons, Camila Alvarez,
Krisanta Bolante, Sarielle Quizon,
Laura Ramos, and Kevin Alfano of the
Fife, Washington FBLA used leadership
lessons and grants from Lead4Change
to support their community-service
project, Trojan Heart.
Lead4Change, a National FBLA
partner, encourages students to explore
leadership through community service.
In Fife, Washington, our High School
FBLA chapter implemented the Lead4Change
program and received several
generous grants that allowed us to powerfully
affect lives in our communities.
Discovering Lead4Change opened
many doors for the team. Learning and
utilizing the leadership lessons allowed
students to expand their communityservice
project, Trojan Heart. After
recognizing the magnitude of poverty in
their community, the Fife FBLA members
began to organize annual hygiene
drives to assemble care packages for the
Fife homeless encampment, food banks,
and underprivileged students in the Fife
School District. The Lead4Change curriculum
provided lessons that served as a
guide throughout the entire project and
allowed us to achieve our goals.
Using the Lead4Change lessons was
also a great resource for expanding our
membership. For instance, to spread the
word about the project, the students took
part in the Lead4Change Elevator Pitch
activity. By practicing their skills and
sharing news about the project with the
school community, the team was able to
recruit new members, who welcomed the
opportunity to serve those in need.
Giving Back
The Fife High School FBLA chapter compiled
their work from participating in the
Lead4Change lessons-such as a video
project summary, student reflections of
their experience, and outlines of barriers
they faced and how they overcame
them-to apply for the Lead4Change
Challenge. In recognition of their work,
they received three grants from Lead4Change:
two $10,000 grants and one
$500 grant.
The $500 grant supported their
project by allowing the team to purchase
larger hygiene products for families in the
Fife School District during the pandemic.
Team members Camila Alvarez,
Krisanta Bolante, and Sarielle Quizon
decided to donate the first $10,000
grant to the Mountain View Community
Center. Partnering with the center, we
By Camila Alvarez, Krisanta
Bolante, Haben Haile, Laura
Ramos, and Sarielle Quizon
dedicated $5,000 to the Power Packs
program, which provided about 100
food packs for food-insecure children.
The other $5,000 went to the center's
Back-to-School Backpack Giveaway
program, which filled more than 1,000
backpacks with free school supplies
for local students.
With the second $10,000 grant,
team members Krisanta Bolante, Haben
Haile, and Sarielle Quizon chose
to renovate a space within Fife High
School and turn it into a student
Resource Center. This all-inclusive
hub allows students to access school
supplies, hygiene items, food pantry
items, Safeway gift cards, and mental
health resources for free. Currently,
we are working with the high school
social worker, counselors, and nurses
from each of the other five schools
within our school district to expand
resources and access to the Resource
Center. One round of school supply
deliveries was made in September,
and hygiene items were delivered
in November.
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