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Finding Your Way
on the
Journey to
By Bryant Collier
he journey to success in life can
be overwhelming, and that isn't
contingent on what you are trying
to accomplish. Every attempt
at a goal can seem difficult. It can be hard
working to get into the school of your
dreams. It can even be hard trying out for
the local team at your school. Sometimes
it's hard just keeping our rooms at home
clean enough to see the floor. There
are two reasons the journey to success
is difficult.
The first reason is unrealistic expectations
of success. How we define and
identify success matters. Success isn't all
about the things that we can quantify,
such as the number of followers you have
on social media, money, or even that
GPA. Don't get me wrong: All three of
those things would be great to have at the
same time, but they alone don't define
success. As you are finding your way, as I
still am, you must set realistic standards
for success that reflect who you are on the
inside instead of what you own and accomplish
for the rest of the world to see.
The second reason that success can
be difficult is the reality that " if everyone
could do it and be it, it wouldn't be considered
great. " As the CEO of my own
company, I am reminded often of the
struggles of walking alone on the path
toward success, including trailblazing
and working really hard to accomplish
things I have never done before. Can
I let you in on a little secret? Most of
us are still trying to find our way. Your
parents, your advisers, your friends, and
probably even your pets.
There are three tools that I've picked
up during my journey that will help you
as we all journey to " find our way. "
The first is fueling your passion.
Passion is a personal element of one's
life. A person's passion should be true to
their interests and desires. Giving energy
to what you enjoy is an important tool,
and the only way that your passion will
remain fueled is if it's really yours.
The second tool is patience. Success
is something that is easier to see than it
is to get to. Watching others accomplish
their goals more quickly than you can
seem very intimidating at times, but you
must resist the urge to take shortcuts. Be
patient with the process.
The final tool is persistence. This is
the determination to keep trying and
never quitting, no matter what obstacles
you encounter.
The journey to success is invaluable.
Yes, I know it's hard, but the future you
who decided to fuel your passion, be
patient, and remain persistent is stronger,
bolder, and even wiser than you
are right now. As you seek to find your
way, I would like to leave you with three
statements that I believe will affirm and
inspire you: I am proud of you. I believe
in you. You are loved.
Go out there into the world and Be
You! We're waiting.
Bryant Collier
was the keynote
speaker at
FBLA's National
Fall Leadership
last month.
He is an FBLA
alumnus and the CEO
of BCollierSpeaks, LLC. To learn more
about Bryant, visit www.BCollierSpeaks.
com or @BCollierSPEAKS on all social
media platforms.

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