FBLA TBL December 22 - 19

In each issue of Tomorrow's Business Leader,
FBLA asks an alum to share what they are
doing now, how FBLA helped prepare them for
success, and what advice they have for today's
FBLA members.
Caitlyn O'Neil
Senior Tax Associate, CBIZ, MHM
Denver, CO
What are your job duties and responsibilities?
Overall, I have a myriad of responsibilities. I complete all
aspects of accounting, tax, and audit engagement for clients.
Also, I help train and mentor associates along with other
various responsibilities.
When, where, and in what capacity were you
involved in FBLA?
I first started in FBLA at Pueblo South High School in Pueblo,
Colorado, as a freshman in 2008. Mrs. Tkacik was my adviser,
and she guided me throughout my FBLA High School experience.
I served as an officer at the local, district, and state levels.
On the state level, I was the 2011-2012 vice president representing
District VI.
Since 2019, I have served as the business and industry representative
on the Colorado FBLA Board of Directors. Through
this role, I present workshops, judge competitions, and more.
Currently, I sit on the FBLA National Finance Committee and
chair the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council.
What did you learn in FBLA that you still use today?
I learned how to balance FBLA officer responsibilities while
juggling honors classes, sports, and more. FBLA also taught me
how to become a good leader. In addition, it sparked my interest
in a career in business that led to where I am now.
FBLA seeks to inspire and prepare communityminded
business leaders. How did FBLA help prepare
you to think about how you could improve your
community? How are you doing so today?
FBLA inspired my interest in community service and in the
well-being of my community. Business leaders need to be connected
to their community. The community is the base where
FBLA Alumna Caitlyn O'Neil is shown here with Mrs. Tkacik,
her high school FBLA adviser, in 2021.
the business's employees, customers, and other stakeholders
are. Therefore, to thrive, business leaders need to be involved in
the community and giving back.
Right now, I serve on two nonprofit boards and serve on
multiple committees through FBLA and the Colorado Society of
CPAs. Getting involved in these efforts has opened my worldview
and expanded my network, and the quality of both my
personal and professional life has skyrocketed.
What advice would you give the 18-year-old version
of yourself?
You are heading on the right path! Keep learning, growing, and
connecting-hard work will win out.
What books, movies, TV shows, and/or podcasts do
you consider a " must " for FBLA students and why?
In my opinion, there is not one magic bullet, but you should
immerse yourself in a variety of different art, experiences, and
cultures so you can connect better with others. It is important to
be authentic and be true to yourself and your values, so I can't
tell you what will resonate with you. I personally follow different
news sources so I can keep track of world events and business
trends. My advice would be to keep learning and stay curious.
What makes you most excited for FBLA's future?
I'm excited for young leaders to come through and help change
FBLA. The idea of professionalism and the world is expanding,
and young leaders get to be at the forefront of that.
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