FBLA TBL December 22 - 22

Mark your calendars for these fantastic events in the
months ahead!
January 2023
1: CTE Celebration Begins (HS)
1: Spring Stock Market Game
Registration Opens (MS, HS, CO)
30: Spring LifeSmarts FBLA Challenge
Begins (MS, HS)
31: Spring Virtual Business Challenge
Begins (HS)
February 2023
1-28: National Career and Technical
Education Month (MS, HS, CO)
5-11: FBLA Week (MS, HS, CO)
10: First deadline to submit Lead4Change
Challenge Projects (MS, HS)
13: Spring Stock Market Game
Begins (MS, HS, CO)
18: Middle School Summit
(brought to you by the FBLA High School
National Officer Team) (MS)
24: Spring Virtual Business
Challenge Ends (HS)
24: Spring LifeSmart FBLA
Challenge Ends (MS, HS)
March 2023
1: National Dues Payment
Deadline for Competitors,
National Candidates, and
Voting Delegates (MS, HS, CO)
1: National Leadership
Conference (NLC)
Registration Opens
(MS, HS, CO)
1: NLC Competitive Event
Registration Opens-
completed by state advisers
(MS, HS, CO)
1: Merit Award Submissions
Due (MS)
1: CTE Celebration
Submissions Due (HS)
4: Spring Stock Market Game
Registration Deadline
(MS, HS, CO)
MS=Middle School Division
HS=High School Division
CO=Collegiate Division
Trojan Heart continued from page 16.
The Trojan Heart community service project team will
continue to help low-income individuals and those experiencing
homelessness in our area. Overall, these opportunities gave
the chapter members of Fife High FBLA a platform to take their
ideas, transform them into reality, and make a positive change.
The authors are members of the Fife High School FBLA chapter.
Membership Impact
" For FBLA members to understand how to lead
a team, they need a good understanding of who
they are as individuals. If a student is not aware of
how their life experiences have created who they
are, they may have difficulty leading others. A true
leader knows how to reflect on their strengths
and weaknesses. The Fife FBLA chapter members
who participate in the Lead4Change lessons have
demonstrated an amazing amount of growth that has
changed their lives for the better. It is great to see the
difference that the Lead4Change lessons are making
in FBLA members' leadership skills and knowledge. "
-Laura Ramos, Fife High School FBLA Adviser
FEBRUARY 5-11, 2023
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FBLA TBL December 22

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