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FBLA Moves
to New
FBLA leaders at the site of the 1912 Association Drive groundbreaking
in 1990. The building housed the association for 30 years.
After 30 years at 1912 Association Drive in Reston,
Virginia, FBLA moved its National Service Center last month
to Reston Town Center. The new, leased office space will allow
the association to direct money from the sale of the building to
serve our thousands of student members and the educators who
support them.
The new office, which is approximately one mile from the old
Gladys Fitzhugh-Pemberton, who came
up with the idea for FBLA's Adviser Wall
of Fame, visited with FBLA President &
CEO Alex Graham and other FBLA staff
members shortly before FBLA left the
1912 Association Drive building.
location, will also provide more opportunities for the National
Center to engage with national officers and volunteer leaders while
continuing to offer convenient access to public transportation, airports,
and the nation's capital for various educational activities.
FBLA spent the last six months bidding farewell to the 1912
Association Drive building, including holding training for National
Officers in July and a Board of Directors meeting in October. It
was also fitting that the last visitor to the National Center was
Gladys Fitzhugh-Pemberton, an FBLA member since 8th grade
who is also a National
Honorary Lifetime Member.
She served as a chair of
the Board of Directors, DC
FBLA state adviser, FBLA
local chapter adviser, and
business educator. FitzhughPemberton
also developed
the idea of the Adviser Wall
of Fame, which honors
recognized advisers and
state chairs with 20 or more
years of service to FBLA.
As we look forward, we will
preserve legacies that have
been a staple of our history
in the new location. While
the new space is built out,
FBLA staff are working out of
a temporary space in the new
building. The design-andbuild
process is expected to
last six to nine months.
The Board of Directors shared memories and said a fond farewell to
the 1912 building at its October meeting.
FBLA's new National Service Center address is 12100
Sunset Hills Drive, Suite 200, Reston, VA 20190. Phone
numbers will remain the same. The remit address will also
remain the same: P.O. Box 79063, Baltimore, Maryland 21279.
We look forward to welcoming you to our new office soon!
New Look for FBLA's Website
If you've noticed that the website has a new look, you're
not alone. In September, FBLA " reskinned " the website to
ensure it includes the new logo, font, and color scheme
to present a consistent branding message. Look for more
information about the story behind FBLA's rebranding
effort on the next page.
FBLA Shop Has All Your Essentials!
As part of our rebranding efforts this summer, FBLA
launched a refresh of the FBLA Shop, featuring exciting
new products. Be sure to check out the apparel, jewelry
accessories, lifestyle items, name badges, professional
attire essentials, and more! With new items being added
regularly, you'll want to stop by the shop to stay current
with the latest FBLA styles - especially in time for FBLA
Week in February. Visit fbla.org/shop today!

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