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National Officers
Sweep Awards,
Train Local
FBLA members won all of the Outstanding Business
Student Awards at the Association for Career & Technical
Education's (ACTE) annual conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Besides picking up their awards, they also used the trip to
network with educators and train Nevada leaders on how to
strengthen their chapters.
Award winners from Region I included High School
Eastern Region Vice President Krisha Patel and former High
School National President Jaya Singh, now a Collegiate
member. In Region II, High School National President Aarav
Dagar and Collegiate National Parliamentarian Toby Neal
took home awards. High School North Central Region Vice
President Natalie Coon and Collegiate National President
Madison Kraemer won awards in Region III. And in Region V,
the winners were High School Western Region Vice President
FBLA High School National Officers with chapter leaders
from Nevada.
Steven Segawa and Collegiate National Vice President of
Communication Shanna Shakespear.
The awards were especially meaningful because they
are a " recognition of outstanding achievement from the
very educators who are teaching career and technical
education in their classrooms each day, " FBLA President
& CEO Alexander T. Graham said.
Additionally, Dagar, Kraemer, Patel, and High
School National Treasurer Noah Killeen led a panel for
educators on the benefits of FBLA within and outside the
classroom. They talked about how FBLA promotes career
readiness, leadership development, community building,
and self-confidence in students. The opportunities FBLA
has given them to travel, network, and " step outside of
their comfort zones " has helped them grow both in and
out of the classroom, they said.
At the conference, the National Officers also talked
with educators who stopped by FBLA's booth, and
they visited other exhibitors. Over two days, their
work led to interest from 16 potential chapters and 140
potential sponsors.
High School National Treasurer Noah Killeen, High School
Eastern Region Vice President Krisha Patel, High School
National President Aarav Dagar, and Collegiate National
President Madison Kraemer speaks to educators at the
Association for Career & Technical Education conference.
Afterward, the High School National Officers led a
one-day Chapter Leader Summit for 30 Local Chapter
Officers in Nevada. They shared advice on the importance
of student leadership, the Business Achievement Awards,
different roles within FBLA, recruitment, community
service projects, social media and public relations, and
how to promote state and national programs.
If you would like a National Officer to visit your
chapter in person or virtually, fill out the Wufoo form.

FBLA TBL February 2023

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