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FBLA Scholarships Offer
Financial Aid to Members
s future business leaders, it's quite likely
that FBLA members have discussed
finances with their families. As students
prepare to attend the National Leadership
Conference (NLC) in Atlanta, Georgia, in June or
budget for college expenses, FBLA offers numerous
scholarships to help members financially.
The FBLA/NTHS Scholarship-offered by the
National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) in partnership
with FBLA-awards $1,000 to two recipients who are
members of both FBLA
and NTHS and are in 10th
grade or above. Applicants
must submit letters of
recommendation from
their FBLA and NTHS
advisers, as well as a resume detailing their involvement
with the organizations. The award can be saved for up to
three years before being disbursed directly to any college or
university. The application deadline is April 1.
The Distinguished Business Leader Scholarship
awards $500 to graduating high school seniors who have
completed the Capstone level (or the Advocate level) of
FBLA's Business Achievement Awards (BAAs) program.
Eligible applicants must submit a résumé and a one-page
cover letter outlining their past and future involvement
with FBLA. A letter of recommendation is also required,
from either an FBLA adviser, teacher, or other community/
business leader. The application deadline is April 15.
Awarded to up to 50 recipients
each year, the NLC Scholarship
gives members $500, along with
complimentary registration to the event. The funds can help
members cover travel or hotel expenses, or general purchases
related to the NLC. Eligible applicants must have a minimum
weighted GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0 and write a single-page essay
defining and explaining the difference between a leader and a
follower. The application deadline is April 15.
If you're a rising high school senior thinking about
college, keep the Johnson & Wales University FBLA
Scholarship in mind, as you could win money to cover
expenses up to the full price of tuition. Students should
note on their application to
the university that they are
affiliated with FBLA (including
proof of activity). Refer to the
Johnson & Wales University website for the university's
application deadline.
Ahead of the National Fall Leadership Conferences
and Collegiate Career Connections Conferences this fall,
members should check out the Dressed to Impress
Scholarship, which provides up to one member per
division per state with $300 for professional attire of their
choice. This need-based scholarship is open to students
in good standing who have paid their membership
dues; Middle School and High School members need
to complete the application with their adviser. The
application will open later this year and is due October 15.
For more information on FBLA-affiliated scholarships,
visit fbla.org.
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