FBLA TBL February 2023 - 18

FBLA Week Celebrates Organization's
Purpose with Missions and Prizes
FBLA Week this year took on
a new level of excitement thanks to
spirited theme days, Goosechase
challenges, and new giveaways.
Before the week began, the Race
to FBLA Week Goosechase missions
built anticipation for the week's
events. Chapters competed as a
whole with missions such as writing a
press release and asking government
officials to issue proclamations
declaring February 5-11 as FBLA Week.
Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Wyoming
issued proclamations recognizing
FBLA Week, as did several cities
around the country.
Then, for FBLA Week itself, High
School and Collegiate National
Officers planned a jam-packed week
of activities, starting with Spotlight
Sunday to recognize members across
the country. On Motivational Monday,
High School National President
Aarav Dagar and Collegiate National
President Madison Kraemer hosted
the National Presidents' Forum
broadcast live from Washington,
DC, which reached more than 1,000
viewers. Alongside reports from
the other National Officers, they
discussed updates to their Programs
of Work, answered some of the 200
live questions that came in on a
wide variety of topics, and gave away
three prize packages to the National
Leadership Conference in Atlanta,
Georgia, in June.
On Tuesday, the High School
region vice presidents hosted
regional networking meetings with
current members and alumni, while
the Collegiate officers hosted an
installment of their popular Coffee
Chat series. The National Officers also
met with Ellen Shannon, executive
director of the National Capital Area
Chapter for the American Foundation
for Suicide Prevention, to learn more
about mental health. They also heard
from Zach Curtis and Jory Houck of
High School National President Aarav Dagar and Collegiate National President Madison
Kraemer answered questions during the live broadcast of the Presidents' Forum on
Motivational Monday.
the Association for Career & Technical
Education about how to lobby
members of Congress effectively.
The officers took this advice to
heart as they met with more than
20 members of Congress on Work
Wednesday and toured Capitol Hill.
They shared the powerful impact
of Career and Technical Education
(CTE) on students both in and out
of the classroom, and even invited
some of their members to speak at
state conferences. They also took this
message to Assistant Secretary of
Education for Career, Technical, and
Adult Education Amy Loyd, meeting
with her for an hour to talk about the
unique role FBLA plays and how it has
affected their lives. To round out the
day, the Collegiate officers hosted
a series of 12 career development
workshops that evening.
Thoughtful Thursday brought the
chance to recognize the essential
role local and state advisers play in
supporting members and making
their FBLA experience possible. Three
advisers from each division were
surprised with flowers, and a video
highlighting teachers nominated by
their students was featured on FBLA's
social media accounts.
Chapters across the country
raised more than $37,000 as part
of a fundraising competition for
Fundraising Friday, and some
completed service projects as well.
The week ended with Spirit Saturday,
where members showed off their
rebranded FBLA merch and enjoyed a
20 percent discount at the FBLA Shop
online. The Collegiate State Officers
also held their summit.
Throughout the week, FBLA gave
out $25 gift cards to the FBLA Shop
to lucky winners, as well as prizes
generously donated by the week's
sponsors, many of whom also made
videos congratulating members
on FBLA Week. They included
BusinessU, Clifton Larson Allen,
Country Meats, Equedi, Lead4Change,
Men's Wearhouse, and the National
Technical Honor Society.

FBLA TBL February 2023

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