FBLA TBL February 2023 - 22

Mark your calendars for these fantastic events in the
months ahead!
March 2023
1: National Dues Payment Deadline for
National Leadership Conference (NLC)
Competitors, National Candidates,
and Voting Delegates (HS, CO)
1: National Leadership Conference
and Competitive Event Registration
Opens (MS, HS, CO)
1: Merit Award Submissions Due (MS)
1: CTE Celebration Submissions
Due (HS)
4: Spring Stock Market Game
Registration Deadline (MS, HS, CO)
April 2023
1: FBLA NTHS Scholarship Applications
Due (HS, CO)
10: NLC Conference Housing Opens
(MS, HS, CO)
15: NLC Scholarship Applications Due
(MS, HS, CO)
15: Distinguished Business Leader
Scholarship Applications Due (HS)
29: Spring State Officer Summit (HS)
May 2023
1: Champion+ Submissions
Due (HS)
1: Outstanding Collegiate
Chapter Submissions
Due (CO)
3: BAA Capstone Submission
Deadline for Competitive
Review (HS)
9: NLC Registration Deadline
for Competitors (MS, HS, CO)
9: Young Leader Award
Submissions Due (MS)
13: Second Lead4Change
Leadership Challenge
Project Deadline (HS)
16: NLC Registration Deadline
for Non-Competitors &
Housing Deadline (MS, HS, CO)
National Officer continued from page 9.
Track for more than 70 Middle School members, and we
enjoyed ourselves afterward by heading to Disney!
Alexandria Torbert: National Officer training at the
National Center is by far my favorite memory. My team
and I were able to bond in such a profound way through
intense battles of Among Us, late-night Just Dance
sessions, and touring the Washington, DC area. However,
through that experience what I enjoyed most was the
love and acceptance my teammates shared with me.
James Hulce: I cherish all of the moments of laughter and
bonding I've shared with my officer team. In addition to
our work, we also find time to have fun.
Interested in learning more about the elections process?
Visit fbla.org for the National Officer Candidate Guide &
Processes for Student Elections, which includes position
descriptions, campaign rules and schedules, and more.
MS=Middle School Division
HS=High School Division
CO=Collegiate Division
Join the National Officer Teams on Monday,
March 6, for a webinar on how to run for-and
win-national office. The High School webinar is at
6 pm ET and the Collegiate webinar is at 7 pm ET.
Register here!
Official FBLA
Gold Stole
Official FBLA
Double Tied
Honor Cords
with Fob
Official FBLA
Blue Stole
https://www.fbla-pbl.org/media/2023/01/2023-NLC-National-Officer-Candidate-Guide-Processes-for-Student-Elections_1.31.22.pdf https://fblapbl.wufoo.com/forms/so-you-want-to-be-a-national-officer-webinar https://www.fbla.org/shop

FBLA TBL February 2023

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