FBLA TBL February 2023 - 7

FBLA Awards Spring Mini-Grants for Membership Projects
Seven states received mini-grants from FBLA this spring. The
funds totaled $6,500 and will be used for various projects
surrounding recruitment and retainment of members.
Below are the winning states and a brief description of
their projects:
Illinois: Update Collegiate branding across the state,
including banners for recruitment events; launch the new
website for the Illinois FBLA Collegiate division. (CO)
* Iowa: Provide FBLA Leadership Kits to new High School
chapters and to Local Chapter Officers. (HS)
* Nebraska: Establish a Collegiate booth at the Nebraska
FBLA State Leadership Conference; host an event
for high school seniors to inform them of how to stay
involved in FBLA during their college years; create
promotional packets for all Nebraska districts to inform
administrators of the benefits of Middle School and High
School FBLA connectedness; purchase new materials to
update branding. (CO)
* South Carolina: Create a new website for South Carolina
FBLA; recruit members to the Collegiate division via
mailings to business schools; host networking events to
connect local advisers, officers, and business professionals,
encouraging career development. (CO)
* Texas: Host a day of professional development for new and
veteran advisers; offer seminars and development sessions
for Continuing Professional Education credit. (MS, HS)
* West Virginia: Begin hosting yearly adviser bootcamps
to develop new and prospective advisers; distribute
supplemental welcome kits with information specific to
West Virginia FBLA. (MS, HS)
* Wisconsin: Host an adviser summit to share important
updates concerning event changes, a mentor/mentee
program, and program initiatives. (MS, HS)
The next application cycle for mini-grants will take place
in the 2023-24 membership year. Fall applications will open on
August 15.
MS=Middle School
HS=High School
FBLA Moves to Case Studies for Collegiate Competitions
Collegiate members attending the National Leadership
Conference (NLC) in Atlanta, Georgia will see something new
on the schedule: case study competitions.
The competitions, which FBLA unveiled at the Collegiate
Career Connections Conferences last fall, are offered in three
categories: accounting, finance, and hospitality management.
The idea for the competitions came from the Collegiate
Task Force, which wanted to differentiate the
competitive event experience for Collegiate
members compared to Middle School and High
School members.
Case studies give members the chance to
apply their knowledge to real-world situations
and go into greater depth than objective tests.
They also offer more opportunities for a multidisciplinary
approach. For example, a finance
case study might cover topics like engaging in
personal finance, making investments, planning
for retirement, understanding the stock market,
and achieving long-term goals.
The case studies for Accounting, Finance,
and Hospitality Management are available here.
The same studies will be used at the state and
Collegiate Vice President of Communication Shanna Shakespear poses with
some of the Finance Case Study winners at last year's Career Connections
Conference in Omaha, Nebraska.
FEBRUARY 2023 | 7 |
national levels. This means students will have time to hone
their approach between the state competitions this spring and
the NLC in June.
FBLA plans to add more case studies next year. The
Competitive Events Committee will evaluate the case study
competition experience at the NLC and look at ways to
improve the process, guidelines, and cases for 2024.
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zqANWuOD73dGxEHxDyYUfN5GGyd_1YGh?usp=share_link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1K4HHhw432TWDKbHtSA4VPk-i_mwaENN-?usp=share_link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nZH1Z_G21dTOMUtus6q0kH4C5Rk5dDuD?usp=share_link

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