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Why and How to Run
for National Office
Want to know what it's like to run for and serve as an FBLA National Officer?
Who better to ask than the current National Officers themselves!
Here are some of their reflections on the experience.
Why did you decide to run
for national office?
Noah Killeen, High School
National Treasurer: After
reading countless financial
literacy books, I wanted
to teach the subject to students
across the nation by becoming a
National Officer.
Natalie Coon, High School
North Central Region Vice
President: I ran for national
office because I was inspired
by the strong leadership of students
surrounding me. Being immersed in the
uplifting and energetic environment
ultimately led me to pursue a more
demanding role.
Kimberly Speece,
Collegiate Vice President of
Membership: I knew since my
high school FBLA days that I
wanted to serve FBLA at the national
level. I understood the importance and
saw the need for FBLA, so I hope to
share that with college students across
the nation.
What was it like to run for
national office?
Madison Kraemer, Collegiate
National President: Running
for national office took
many dedicated hours, lots
of attention to detail, and practice.
Also being able to trust my skills
and abilities helped push me to the
finish line.
Alexandria Torbert,
High School National
Secretary: Truthfully, running
for national office was both
exhilarating and very intimidating.
The campaigning process took an
immense amount of time, hard work,
and courage on my end. Yet, through
that experience I was able to discover
new strengths within myself and meet
with incredible members from all walks
of life.
What is it like to be a
National Officer? Has it
been what you expected?
Noah Killeen: While it has been an
extremely worthwhile experience, it is
a lot more work than what I imagined.
I love working with my team on all
of our projects and creating new
opportunities for the members.
Madison Kraemer: Being a National
Officer has been like a second job,
except it's the job that you always want
to show up for. It has been incredible
to see firsthand the dedication of the
members and how much they live for
this organization.
Why would you
recommend someone run
for national office?
Aarav Dagar, High School
National President: I would
recommend someone run
for national office if they're
passionate, driven, and eager to
explore the world of FBLA. If you're
ready to do more, join us!
Shanna Shakespear,
Collegiate Vice President of
Communication: The time
that I saw myself grow the
most was during elections in Chicago,
Illinois, and at the beginning of the
2022-23 membership year. Not only
have I gotten to learn a lot, I have also
been able to grow my network and love
for FBLA. I would recommend national
office to anyone who is looking for a
similar experience.
What have you enjoyed the
most about serving as a
National Officer?
Lyria Zhu, FBLA High School
National Parliamentarian:
Connecting with FBLA
members and working with
the National Officer Team have been
the highlights of my term. I truly enjoy
networking with other FBLA members
at conferences and witnessing initiatives
come alive at the national level.
Kimberly Speece: I've enjoyed learning
more about FBLA and how such a large
organization stays afloat. I also have
enjoyed seeing students benefit from
business education.
James Hulce, Collegiate
Vice President of Financial
Development: I love all of the
places FBLA takes me and
the people I get to meet along the way.
This year is a nonstop adventure where
I'm always doing something new.
What's your favorite
memory so far from your
time as a National Officer?
Noah Killeen: My favorite memory
was being with some of my National
Officers at the National Fall Leadership
Conference in Orlando, Florida. We
were able to run a Middle School
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