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Students Turn Dreams to Reality
with Equedi Platform
Having lived in Paris, London,
and New York, Alice Bernardini
wanted a place to put together
all of her experiences in a way
that " demonstrated who I am
and what I stand for. " So, when
the Mamaroneck (NY) High
School senior saw an email
about the FBLA/Equedi Dreams
to Reality Contest last spring,
she signed up quickly.
Bernardini was one of 500 FBLA
members who participated in the 2023
competition. Seventy-five students
were asked to answer questions in the
semifinal round, and 20 made it to the
final interview round either remotely
or in-person at the 2023 National
Leadership Conference in Atlanta. The
top 10 finalists in the in-person and
remote contests received medals for their
participation, while the top three took
home checks totaling $2,000. Bernardini,
who took third place in the remote
contest, invited her adviser to observe
her interview.
To participate, students created an
online portfolio on the Equedi platform
to show off their academic and career
accomplishments. The platform's
structure included tabs to help students
group highlights by area, such as
extracurricular activities. Students also
showcased their creativity through photos
and videos, along with a professionallooking
headshot and mission statement.
Equedi chose these elements to help
students show colleges, trade schools, and
employers " the total student and all they
do and accomplish on their high school
journey, " said Equedi Vice President of
Educational Strategy Kevin English.
Founder and CEO Adam Fernandez
added, " We created Equedi to be a
safe and secure space so students can
showcase their talents and skills and put
Melissa Le accepted her award and a big check for winning first place in the 2023 FBLA/Equedi
Dreams to Reality in-person contest at the National Leadership Conference in Atlanta.
their best foot forward in their academic
and professional journey. "
Applicants were judged on the
portfolio's level of completeness,
creativity, professional demeanor, content
quality, descriptions of academic activities
(including extracurriculars, honors, and
their transcript), and a clear and concise
mission statement. Students who made it
to the interview stage answered questions
such as giving an example of a time they
demonstrated leadership and teamwork
skills on a project or activity and how they
integrated FBLA values into their profile
design and content.
Melissa Le, a sophomore at Ruston
(LA) High School, won first place in
the in-person contest. She said it was
" extremely rewarding " to reflect on all of
her experiences.
" I realized the sheer magnitude of
how much I have done and the impact
that has on others around me, " she said.
Klaira Zhang, a senior at Inglemoor
High School in Kenmore, Washington,
noted that thinking more about her
future by completing her portfolio
" instilled more confidence in me that I
was prepared for my future. " Looking at
other students' profiles also helped her
realize what gaps in her experience she
needed to fill, said Zhang, who placed
second in the remote contest.
When Zhang interviewed with
English, he offered her tips on how to
improve her profile. Just before she
started a summer internship at CLA
(CliftonLarsonAllen LLP), she realized
one of the other interns was also an FBLA
member because of her Equedi profile.
Iliana Walters, a senior at Bell Creek
Academy in Riverview, Florida, who
also placed in the top 10 of the in-person
contest this year, said it helped build
her interviewing and networking skills.
Seeing other profiles " helped me become
more eager to meet new people and ask
about their interests and hobbies.
" Even after the competition, I still use
my Equedi portfolio as a quick way to
show people what I do, " Walters added.
Equedi will launch the 2024 Dreams
to Reality contest on January 1. To learn
more, click here.

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