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Ride the
Uncertainty Wave
Entrepreneurial success isn't just about the money
or the glory-it's about the GRIT, the JOURNEY, and the
ENERGY we bring to the game daily. We've all heard it, right?
Determination, work ethic, optimism, charisma, expertise,
humility-the list goes on. But here's the real kicker:
THRIVING in UNCERTAINTY is what separates the real
surfers from the tourists.
Think about it. Most never think of it, but it is the
uncertainty that causes people to shrink from the
entrepreneurial way of life. Uncertainty isn't just some
sporadic rogue wave; it's the entire ocean we're brave enough
to face. It's vast, it's deep, and it's filled with the unknown.
And sure, while it keeps some folks standing safely on the
sand, it's also the siren call for the bold to paddle out. Maybe
you're born with some capacity for it. Maybe you're not. But
if you want success in this game, you'll need to develop the
ability to thrive in uncertainty.
Uncertainty is that beast that keeps us up at night, floods
our thoughts at dawn, and can wipe us out if we're not careful.
But ask any seasoned surfer, and they'll tell you-the biggest
thrills come from dropping into ever-larger waves. It's about
the adrenaline rush that hits when you stare down a towering
wall of water and just decide, " I've got this. "
Navigating the treacherous waters of a start-up is no
different. Sometimes, it means ditching the conventional
map, letting go of outright ownership, and fundraising
to fuel our engines. Or it's about grabbing that
entry-level board and paddling with everything
we've got until we're the ones leading the lineup.
Remember, it's not about the shiny nameplate
on your door-it's the grit, determination,
and strength across many disciplines
that you develop through the process...
By Shawn D. Nelson
a continuous positive feedback loop. With more capacity
comes even more ability and opportunity for more success.
That's the mindset. Be the MVP, regardless of what
the scoreboard says or who's got the fancy title. It's about
approaching each wave as just the next one to conquer...
knowing there are countless more to come.
And what about when we're in the driver's seat, the
horizon sprawling before us, and the path ahead shrouded
in mist? That's when we rev the engine of our resilience
and drive through the smoke of uncertainty. We trust our
instincts, our experience, and the team we've assembled to
navigate each twist and turn. Just keep going.
But here's the thing-uncertainty isn't just something
to overcome; it's something to embrace. It's the fuel for
innovation, the catalyst for growth, and the forge where true
entrepreneurial spirits are tested and tempered.
So, to all you future legends out there, gear up. We're not
here to play it safe. We're not here to tread water. We're here
to dive into the depths, embrace the energy of the waves, and
use it to push the limits of what's possible.
Let's not just face uncertainty-let's chase it down, let's
ride it out. Learn to enjoy it, compartmentalize, get great
sprawl anyway, and wake up to do it again. Let's transform
it from our biggest fear into our greatest ally. Because when
we do, we're not just living-we're leading. We're
not just entrepreneurs-we're pioneers,
trailblazers, the ones who set the pace
and change the game.
Hope to see you on the next wave.
Shawn D. Nelson is the founder of Lovesac.
This article is adapted from his book Let Me Save
You 25 Years: Mistakes, Miracles, and Lessons
from the Lovesac Story, which will be published
on January 2, 2024. All net proceeds from the
book will go to FBLA.
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