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Feeling a Sense of
Belonging, Alumni Formed
Deep Roots in FBLA
Washington FBLA Deputy
State Director Tiffany Perez
went to an FBLA meeting her
freshman year of high school
for the free pizza. She's stayed
in the organization - including
serving as California FBLA
Collegiate President while at
California State University,
Fullerton - for the people.
" Those relationships don't just end
after club activities are over, " she said.
Perez is one of a number of
alumni who said the feelings of
belonging and encouragement they
received in FBLA are among the
reasons they've stayed involved in
the organization after they graduated
from high school or college. They
felt they were able to hone their
skills and interests authentically
in FBLA and that it helped them
become the people they are today.
While sports and debate were
popular activities at Gabrielino
High School in San Gabriel, California,
Perez, as an introvert, shied
away from them. FBLA's objective tests
were a perfect match for her competitive
nature without requiring her to get up on
stage or do a project.
" At the local level, the way to get a
member in the door isn't necessarily
to market to them that this is a resume
builder or this will be a great learning opportunity, "
said Perez, who also serves as
Chapter Support Lead in California, Oklahoma,
Oregon, and Nevada, and chairs
FBLA's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
(DEI) Council. " A lot of students, barring
what's happening in school, might just be
looking, like I was, for a place to belong
and a place to hang out.
In college, he also served as Wisconsin
Collegiate Direct Vice President of Membership
from 2021-23.
Now, Hulce added, " I strive to foster
a sense of belonging in FBLA by being
visible and authentic in my own unique
way, showing others that they should
not be afraid to bring their whole selves
to FBLA. "
Margary Rogers, the third of four
children, grew up in the Ida Barbour
Park housing project in Portsmouth,
Virginia, where single parenthood, food
stamps, and drug dealing were common.
" My mind was always bigger than
Tiffany Perez
that, " said Rogers, who joined FBLA in
1991 as a freshman at Woodrow Wilson
High School in Portsmouth. She has been
a court reporter for
more than 20 years
in Washington, D.C.,
is a past president of
the Maryland Court
Reporters Association,
and now serves
on the National Court
Reporters Association
board of directors.
FBLA helped
Margary Rogers
teach her how to raise
money, work well
with different types of
people, and persuade
James Hulce
" You can't do it for every student, " she
added, " but you can offer a safe place for
students to build their own interests. "
James Hulce-who served as the 202223
Collegiate Vice President of Financial
Development and is now on the DEI Council-joined
FBLA in 2010 as a freshman at
the Menomonee Falls (WI) High School
chapter. He said FBLA " offered an unrivaled
platform to get involved in and be recognized
for a broad range of business and
leadership advancement activities, which I
felt were key to my future direction. "
The sense of belonging led Hulce to
want to share that experience with others.
others to join the organization. " I made
it farther than I would have made it
without FBLA, " noted Rogers, who also
serves on the DEI Council.
For each of these alumni, FBLA has
offered a chance to not only develop
their own skill sets but to help others do
the same.
" A great chapter will facilitate that
sense of belonging and will have students
who want to come back, who want to volunteer,
who will stay in touch with their
chapter adviser long after the graduate, "
Perez noted.
Developing a culture in which all are
welcome, have complete opportunity,
and are actively engaged is one of four
goals in FBLA's 2023-26 Strategic Plan.
To learn more about the DEI Council
and its members, visit here.

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