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Pleasant Valley
High School
Tomorrow's Business Leader is spotlighting
outstanding chapters throughout the country. The
High School National Officers chose to spotlight
this chapter based on submissions.
Pleasant Valley High School
Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania
Members: 93
Chartered: 1960
Pleasant Valley High School's FBLA chapter gained attention
this summer when community leaders in Brodheadsville,
Pennsylvania used a billboard to congratulate the chapter on
winning third place in the Champion Chapter program at the
2023 National Leadership Conference in Atlanta.
It's the latest accolade for this FBLA High School chapter
with 93 members, which was chartered in 1960. Pleasant Valley
has won the Pennsylvania FBLA Top Fundraising Award and
the Pennsylvania FBLA Community Service Award for the last
four years. It's also been recognized by the Pennsylvania House
of Representatives and Senate for community service and
fundraising efforts.
" Seeing these FBLA students soar, whether it is competing,
mastering skills they said they could never do, or earning fullride
scholarships to D1, D2, and D3 schools is astonishing, "
Adviser Denise Hopely said.
" They have the confidence to try, fail, and grow, " she added.
" They get on the bus, drive the bus, get off the bus, and choose
any path due to the self-confidence in developing skill sets to
help them soar. "
FBLA's Champion Chapter program has played a big role in
Pleasant Valley's success. The school achieved the Champion
Chapter Gold Level award in 2022 and 2023.
Students worked with one another to plan out dates, programs,
and step-by-step plans to complete each section, Hopely
noted. This involved working with peers, school administrators,
community members, and elected officials.
One of their projects was developing a " Made in PV " project
for local middle school students. They created a lesson plan
based on curriculum standards and learning objectives, including
the economic role of small business, management and
organizational skills needed for entrepreneurship, and how risks
influence decision making. Students in grades 6-8 then worked
in teams to create a business product marketing the school
district's success. Pleasant Valley's chapter chose a winner for
each grade, and the top winner then presented their idea to the
local school board.
Pleasant Valley's next goal is to bring the academic rigor
behind the American Enterprise Project competitive event to
students in middle school.
Community service is also a hallmark of Pleasant Valley's
activities. Projects include supporting Pre-K " Ready, Set, Learn "
programs, collecting books for cancer patients (Pages for
Patients), cleaning up local parks, tutoring K-12 students, and
volunteering at the school's food pantry.
Asked what has fueled their success, Pleasant Valley offered
some advice for other chapters:
Enjoy every event, platform, meeting, workshop,
and Zoom call. Approach each with zeal and as a
tremendous opportunity.
Choose new adventures you haven't tried before. It's like
spaghetti; throw it against the wall and see what sticks.
Then after you finish one, choose another. Involve everyone
so they can divide and conquer.
Don't be afraid to try, fail, and ask questions.
You're not alone. Turn to your State Leader, alumni, the
National Center, and others for help.
Mira Giunta, President (11)
Clark Po, Vice President (11)
Noah Dolan, Vice President (11)
Lillian Erhardt, Vice President (11)
Michaela Clement-St. Louis, Vice President (11)
Sarah McGraw, Secretary (11)
Anayah Accilien, Secretary (11)
Casper Robieniek, Treasurer (12)
Daniel Trebour, Treasurer (12)
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