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The Montgomery County ATC (KY) FBLA chapter visited
J.B. McNabb Middle School to share information about
American Enterprise Day and play a game they designed.
American Enterprise Day Activities
Focus on Entrepreneurship, Careers
hapters across the country
celebrated American Enterprise
Day on November 15 with a
range of activities that drew attention
to the important role entrepreneurship
plays in supporting the economy by
developing new products and services and
encouraging innovation.
Established in 1980 by President
Jimmy Carter, American Enterprise
Day honors the system that forms
the backbone of the U.S. economy.
FBLA recognizes the day each year by
teaching others about the American
entrepreneurial spirit, which requires
creativity, grit, and determination.
With 33.2 million small businesses
comprising 99.9 percent of all businesses
across the country, according to the
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, successful
entrepreneurs espouse many of the soft
skills in which FBLA students excel,
including collaboration, leadership,
problem solving, social responsibility, and
time management.
To celebrate the day, seniors at
Portage (WI) High School visited local
first graders at Woodbridge Elementary,
where students drew pictures of their
future careers.
Meanwhile, the Idalia (CO) High
School chapter hosted a pitch contest
using cups, plates, pipe cleaners, googly
eyes, and pom-poms. The students
created and discussed the type of product,
their target market, pricing, and the
importance of the sales pitch. As they
worked on their products, students
adjusted and added to them based on
peer feedback.
Once all the pitches were completed,
judges selected a preschool sensory drum
as the winner. The people's choice award
went to a group that created a snack and
drink product.
At the Montgomery County ATC (KY)
FBLA chapter, officers wore green and
spread awareness about the day with
flyers around the school and on social
media. They also went to J.B. McNabb
Middle School to teach students there
about American enterprise with " The Real
Game of Life, " an interactive game the
FBLA members developed that is similar
to the board game The Game of Life.
And the FBLA chapter at Statesboro
(GA) High School celebrated American
Enterprise Day by hosting David Cork, a
local business leader and entrepreneur
who runs Corks Popcorn, to discuss
starting and running a successful
business. Students, faculty, and staff then
sampled the company's kettle corn.
To round out the day, the National
Center and 2023-24 National Officer
Teams hosted a virtual career panel.
Professionals in six top career fields -
computer science, engineering, finance,
health care, law, and social media/
marketing - joined attendees for an
hour to share their career journeys and
advice. Companies represented included
Armstrong Teasdale, ASM Research, CDM
Smith, CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP),
Fidelity Investments, the Mayo Clinic,
McCormick & Co., Merrill, Michels Power,
Inc., Palo Alto Networks, Starbucks, Visor,
and Wurth Media, among others.
Here are their top five career tips:
* Your first job won't define your career.
* Career progressions are rarely vertical.
Sometimes you have to go sideways to
go up.
* Keep communication open across all
levels of the organization.
* Don't give up. Be persistent in the
areas you care about.
* Move around and see what happens in
your career. The skills you develop will
always stick with you.
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