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Photos from Members
The FBLA chapter at Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School in
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania recently took a trip to nearby Altoona
to tour the baseball stadium, Peoples Natural Gas Field. This site is
home to the area's minor league team, the Altoona Curve. As part
of their Partnership with Business project, Hollidaysburg FBLA met
with the Curve's manager to explore offices, facilities, and field
structures at the stadium. Pictured here, left to right: Cooper
Tewell (12th grade), Isaac Miller (11th), Cohen Hemminger (12th),
Daniel Theys (11th), Markus Klingner (12th), Conner Owen (12th),
Macy Boland (12th), Andrew Shanafelt (11th), Sarah Hypes (11th),
Jacob Ott (12th), Seth Burger (12th), and Jack Steiner (12th).
North Dakota FBLA hosted its Fall Leadership Conference in Bismarck,
October 8-9. Nearly 600 students, advisers, and chaperones from
both middle and high schools attended. Members participated in a
variety of events, including a career fair and workshops on business
leadership and time management. A charity fundraiser for North
Dakota FBLA's partner, the American Heart Association, raised more
than $900. The prize for getting so many donations? A chance to see
all 10 state officers (plus two lucky special guests) take a pie to the
face! Pictured here are 10th-grade students at the Career Fair (left
to right) Ellie Horner, Emma Horner, Aurora Herman, and Rebecca
Nagel, as well as Master Sergeant Matthew Fraase of the North Dakota
Air National Guard.
The students at West Platte Middle and High Schools in Weston,
Missouri joined forces for a jam-packed October! Middle school
students decorated pumpkins to display at local businesses wanting
to get into the spirit of the season, and high school students delivered
them. Continuing the fall theme, the combined FBLA chapters sold
apple pies at the local Applefest and netted a $400 profit. This photo
is from Missouri's Fall Leadership Conference, where members got to
hone leadership and team-building skills. Pictured here, left to right,
are Middle School members: (back row) Audrey Frazer (6th grade),
Ava Driskel (8th), Jane Rose (6th), Ava Woodside (6th), Sophia Schulte
(6th), Corbin Starlipper (6th), Rylan Gardener (7th), Rylinn May (6th),
(front row) Emma Hallbgewachs (8th), Katie Trease (8th), Charlie Gillis
(7th), and Presley McFarland (6th).
On November 14, a group of students from Colbert Heights High
School in Tuscumbia, Alabama got a rare glimpse into the inner
workings of an NFL team. They participated in the Tennessee Titans
Learning Lab, a series of events that expose high school students
to various career paths in professional sports. The students met
with Titans executives, learned about the operations of the team,
and toured Nissan Stadium. They also interacted with admissions
counselors from Tennessee Tech University, the exclusive higher
education partner of the Titans. The Learning Lab is part of a longstanding
collaboration between the Titans and Tennessee Tech,
which aims to inspire and educate the next generation of sports
professionals. Pictured here, left to right: Elliot Morris (12th grade),
Chastity Patterson (9th), Kyle Fuller (12th), Savannah Richards (9th),
London Posevec (9th), Caden Monroe (9th), Kevin Fulton (11th),
Kaden Kirby (9th), Jaden Sali (9th), Zander Hyde (9th), Jonah Hand
(9th), Kelvin Robinette (11th), Grey Moore (11th), Treston Crowden
(11th), Ethan Fuller (11th), Michael Colella (11th), Laken Waldrep
(11th), Makenna Crisler (12th), Riley Robertson (9th), Alana Ward
(11th), Alyssa Smallwood (11th), and Maggie Ball (11th).

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