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Kennedy Joins National Center,
Dean is Promoted
The National Center
announced the hiring of a new
staff member and the promotion of
a second.
Dylan Kennedy joined the
National Center this month as
Program Operations Coordinator.
Most recently the State Leader and
Executive Director for Missouri
FBLA, he will support various
aspects of FBLA's programs,
including conferences, online
programming for both students
and advisers, competitive events,
and other activities.
Kennedy earned a
bachelor's degree in corporate
communication from Southeast
Missouri State University.
At Missouri FBLA, he led
membership growth; managed
conferences for all three divisions;
collaborated with the Missouri
FBLA Foundation Board and
district advisers; and provided key
support and guidance for the state's
13,000-plus members and advisers.
Prior to that, Kennedy worked
for TEAMTRI and The Walt Disney
Company. Kennedy has been involved
with FBLA since he was 9 years old,
officially becoming a member his
freshman year of high school and serving
as President of Missouri FBLA Collegiate
from 2016 to 2018.
Additionally, Evan Dean, who had
been the Digital Marketing Specialist,
was promoted to Digital Marketing
& Communications Manager. Dean
joined FBLA in April 2022 and manages
fbla.org, social media, and digital
marketing blasts for FBLA, along with
providing editorial and design support.
Congratulations to Dylan and Evan!
award. And FBLA member Ashlyn
Dalton, a junior at Baker High
School in Oregon, and Collegiate
Vice President of Financial
Development Kaelib Harp won
awards in Region V.
In addition, High School
National Officers and Arizona
state officers led a one-day summit
for 125 local chapter officers in
Arizona. They discussed different
roles within FBLA, the importance
of student leadership, member recruitment,
education programs like
the Business Achievement Awards,
community service projects, social
media and public relations, and
other topics.
FBLA Updates
Privacy Policy
Dylan Kennedy
National Officers Take Home
Prizes at ACTE, Connect with
Arizona Chapter Leaders
FBLA once again swept the Outstanding
Business Education Student Awards at
the Association for Career & Technical
Education's annual conference last
month in Phoenix, Arizona.
Award winners from Region I
included High School Eastern Region
Vice President Cameron Claycomb
and Collegiate Vice President of
Membership Faizjilani Khan. In Region
II, High School Southern Region Vice
President Katrina Chen and Collegiate
National President Toby Neal took
home awards. High School North
Central Region Vice President Anika
Yadav won the Region III secondary
FBLA updated its privacy policy
in October to provide greater
clarity on what the organization
does with information it collects online
from users.
While FBLA collects information
from users of its website, social media,
and other digital platforms, it does
so for membership enrollment and
administration, to provide services
or products, to personalize the user's
experience, to answer questions, and to
communicate with members. Although
FBLA shares email addresses with third
parties to perform certain services on
the organization's behalf and respond
to service requests, it does not market,
sell, trade, or rent student or adviser
information without consent. Members
can also always " opt out " of emails
from FBLA.
To read the updated privacy policy,
click here.
http://www.fbla.org https://www.fbla.org/privacy-policy/

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