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Winning FBLA Community Service Projects
winners at the 2023
National Leadership
in Atlanta.)
Lanier Technical
College in Gainesville,
Georgia, recently started
a chapter and has
committed to doing
one community service
project each month. In
September, which is
Literacy Month, they
hosted a book drive.
Members decorated
cardboard boxes and
Which High School Community Service Projects took home
the top competitive event prizes at the 2023 National
Leadership Conference? Read more about them below.
Metro Tech High School's FBLA
chapter brightened the day for
students and teachers by giving
out more than 200 flowers.
collected more than 300 books for women and children at
My Sister's Place, a local shelter, as well as nursing homes,
thrift stores, and other locations.
The Rhinelander (WI) High School FBLA/DECA
chapter has conducted the Trick or Can community service
project each October for the past eight years. Members
drop off empty donation bags at homes around the
community, then go back to collect them. This year, the
chapter gathered about 700 non-perishable food items;
in the past, they've received as many as 2,000 items, all
of which go to the Rhinelander Area Food Pantry.
Trick or Can is just one of many projects the chapter
conducts. Others include cleaning up a local highway,
collecting gently used " Jeans for Teens " for a local homeless
shelter, and volunteering at elementary schools.
" I just enjoy seeing a smile on someone's face, " said
Rhinelander Chapter President Alyssa Smits, a senior
who has devoted more than 160 hours to community
service in high school. Once members volunteer for one
activity, they are eager to help with others, she said.
" It is such a great way to give back to the community
and those who are in need, " Smits added.
Mandan (ND) High School's members initially
thought about collecting business clothing donations for
Heaven's Helpers Closet (701), a local nonprofit that provides
free clothing to members of its community. After
talking with the group about its needs, they decided to
gather donations of children's clothing instead. They set
up boxes in three elementary schools, their high school,
and the local mall, collecting carloads of clothes that allowed
some children to choose their own outfits instead
of relying on hand-me-downs.
" The community is only as strong as its weakest
member, " Mandan High School Member Kelbi Pritchett
told Bismarck TV station KFYR. " It's going to be repaid
back, even if it's just seeing the smile on their face when
they get something new. "
First Place: F.O.O.D. for Kendleton: Obra D. Tompkins
High School (Katy, TX)
FBLA members at Obra D. Tompkins High School in Katy, Texas
created the F.O.O.D. for Kendleton service project to combat
the " food desert " crisis in the U.S. Project members Eesha
Agrahar and Roschelle D'Souza designed a plan to help residents
of Kendleton, Texas who have limited access to fresh produce.
They petitioned donors, set in motion Kendleton's ability to
officially partner with the Houston Food Bank, helped a struggling
community garden, and boosted awareness of the food crisis.
The group was able to provide food for 95 percent of Kendleton
residents, with 7,226 pounds of food donated and more than
8,500 people reached in their public awareness campaign.
Second Place: RMA, Role Models for All: Wellsville High
School (Wellsville, KS)
At Wellsville (KS) High School, FBLA members Joclynn Johnson,
Kelsey Johnson, and Mason Lytle headed the Role Models for All
project, an effort to strengthen family bonds and ensure positive
role models for all children through FBLA-sponsored community
activities aimed at elementary school students. These included a
father-daughter dance, a fashion show, an Olympic games activity,
a fishing event, and a mentorship event. Through outreach to
community leaders, Wellsville FBLA was able to provide events at
no charge to participants. Participation in all events was also 44
percent higher than the year before.
Third Place: Operation C.A.R.E.: Los Osos High School
(Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Sebastien Annous, Jessica Dong, and Shukan Parikh, all FBLA
members at Los Osos High School in Rancho Cucamonga,
California, headed Operation C.A.R.E. to enrich the lives of
elderly residents at Sunrise Senior Living. The team researched
the unmet needs of the nation's senior citizens and found that
they could help by offering companionship, assisting in daily
activities, holding one-on-one conversations, and establishing
fun new activities for residents. FBLA members gathered art
supplies, created messages of encouragement, and worked
with the seniors at Sunrise on activities like painting, gardening,
and socializing. The project resulted in 87 percent of seniors
having increased fine-motor ability, a noticeable improvement in
memory, and an overall boost to resident morale.
Want to learn more about the Community Service Project
competition for the 2024 NLC? Be sure to visit your division's
Competitive Events page on fbla.org for more information
and resources.
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