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San Luis
In each issue of Tomorrow's Business Leader,
FBLA asks a former member to share what
they are doing now, how FBLA helped prepare
them for success, and what advice they have for
today's members.
Yanyn San Luis
CEO + Social Impact Expert
The Win Woman Firm
Miami, Florida
What are your job duties and responsibilities?
As CEO + Social Impact Expert of The Win Woman firm, our
team works with corporations and nonprofits to WIN in social
impact. We offer a range of services to support an organization's
sustainability efforts, including environmental, social,
and governance policies, fundraising strategies, supplier
diversity solutions, executive advising, and more.
When, where, and in what capacity were you
involved in FBLA?
I was fortunate to be involved with FBLA from my sophomore
year of high school through my college years. I jumped
into my FBLA Collegiate experience with both feet by being
a competitor, chapter officer, state officer, and finally, a
National Officer.
What did you learn in FBLA that you still use today?
Preparation. Whether it's a client call or pitching to a prospect,
the ability to present my thoughts in a concise manner
and sell what I'm sharing is something I learned directly
from FBLA.
In corporate responsibility and nonprofit work, effective
communication is vital. FBLA teaches concise presentation
skills crucial for client interactions. Whether it's a client call or
pitch, FBLA equips professionals to articulate thoughts clearly
and persuasively. This preparation fosters professionalism
and attention to detail, key traits valued in these sectors. Leveraging
skills from FBLA, professionals can engage clients effectively,
build relationships, and drive positive social impact.
What advice would you give the 18-year-old version
of yourself?
At 18, you're at a crossroads where decisions shape your future.
Amid the advice and uncertainty, trust your gut. It's your inner
compass, rooted in intuition and self-awareness. While considering
options, don't overthink-your instincts often know what's
best. Trusting your gut leads to authentic choices and greater
fulfillment in the long run.
What books, movies, TV shows, and/or podcasts do
you consider a " must " for FBLA students and why?
Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman provides
a practical framework for building and growing a business.
It offers insights into key concepts like developing a clear vision,
defining core values, setting priorities, and executing on goals
effectively. For FBLA students aspiring to become entrepreneurs
or business leaders, Traction equips them with actionable strategies
to implement in real-world scenarios, helping them understand
how to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and
achieve sustainable growth.
The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others
Do in 12 Months, by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington,
introduces a powerful productivity system that can enhance performance
and results. By condensing yearly goals into shorter,
more manageable 12-week cycles, this book teaches students
how to focus their efforts, maintain accountability, and achieve
significant progress in a shorter timeframe. For FBLA students
preparing for competitions or pursuing ambitious projects, The
12 Week Year provides a structured approach to maximize their
productivity and effectiveness, enabling them to accomplish
more in less time and ultimately excel in their endeavors.
What makes you most excited for FBLA's future?
I love seeing the evolution of performance competitions and how
it relates to the future workforce. The more experience students
have in what's happening now, the more prepared they will be to
enter the workspace.
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