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From FBLA President & CEO Alexander T. Graham
Dear FBLA Members, Advisers, & Partners,
As I prepare to step down as President & CEO, I wanted to share my heartfelt
gratitude and highlight some of our association's remarkable accomplishments
over the past few years.
When I entered this role, we were facing unprecedented challenges
brought on by the global pandemic. Despite those obstacles, the FBLA
community exhibited incredible resilience, adaptability, and determination
to succeed. We quickly pivoted our operations to ensure that members could
continue their leadership development and competitive experiences virtually.
Guiding FBLA through that tumultuous time was one of the greatest honors of
my career.
In addition to navigating the pandemic, we seized the opportunity to
thoroughly overhaul FBLA's policies and procedures-from competitive
events to how we elect national student leaders. This comprehensive refresh
has strengthened our foundation and positioned us for long-term sustainability. We also reinvigorated
the organization with a full rebrand. Our updated brand highlights our programming tailored to middle
school, high school, and college students by celebrating our core pillars of service, education, and progress.
For the bedrock of our organization-our local chapter advisers-we launched the game-changing
FBLA Connect tool to streamline chapter management. This comprehensive platform is already saving
advisers invaluable time and energy and empowering them as they guide our students forward. We
further invested in self-paced programs such as the Business Achievement Awards, providing flexible
opportunities for students to develop new skills. And, thanks to the wisdom of our student leaders, we
have further invested in equity and inclusion opportunities through financial aid and outreach programs to
ensure that all are welcome.
Our annual National Leadership Conference is now a multi-dimensional experience. We feature
substantive competitive events, the Future Leaders Expo that connects students with colleges and
employers, and transformative career-driven workshops. These conferences offer unparalleled experiences
so our members can become the next generation of community-minded business leaders.
None of this would have been possible without the resolute efforts of the entire FBLA community-our
students, state and local advisers, partners, professional staff, and volunteer leadership. Your passion,
creativity, and determination have been an inspiration. As I move on to my next endeavor, I have full
confidence that the best is yet to come for FBLA. Truly, my time here can be summed up with this year's
theme: Together We (Have) Achieved!
Thank you for allowing me to serve this exceptional organization.
Alexander T. Graham
President & CEO
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