TBL May 2024 - 6

From High School National President Deborah Jacklin
Welcome to May!
This membership year has been an incredible adventure. With a significant
increase in our Middle School and High School membership numbers, the
launch of the American Enterprise Day Career Panel, and the creation of several
toolkits, we have soared to new heights in FBLA. This year would not have been
possible without the support of the advisers who work so hard to run the heart of
our organization: our local chapters. Since May is Teacher Appreciation Month,
let your advisers know how much you appreciate them!
May also means that the National Leadership Conference (NLC) is right
around the corner! This year, the NLC takes place from June 29 to July 2
in Orlando. This NLC will offer memories for a lifetime with FBLA Night at
Universal, the Future Leaders Expo, the Serve Up Success seated volleyball
tournament, and more! As you're preparing for your competitive events, take
note of all of the opportunities at the NLC, such as taking the certification
exams offered by MBA Research, attending a mini-workshop through the Sharing With A Purpose (SWAP)
program, and much more.
With the school year coming to an end, I would like to recognize the very special class of 2024 for their
hard work and resilience. Many of us experienced an altered freshman year due to the pandemic, and we
have had to rebuild the great legacies that were left behind, but we did it! I am confident that FBLA has
equipped you for whatever path you take in life, whether that's going straight into college or the workforce.
Remember, you are in charge of your own future, so take risks and fail because, without failure, we limit our
growth and what we can become.
As I reflect on my time in FBLA, I think of one word: gratitude. I am so grateful to be a part of an
organization with such passionate and involved members. I truly believe there is not a friendlier group of
students than those in FBLA, and I hope you have found a second home here just as I did.
Like many of us, I joined FBLA because of my friends and, of course, the food; but after attending a few
meetings and my first-ever conference, I absolutely fell in love with this organization. From a clueless sixthgrader
to a graduating senior, FBLA has shaped who I am today. It transformed my public speaking skills,
professionalism, and confidence year after year. FBLA has introduced me to some of my lifelong friends and
mentors, and I know it will do the same for you. Whether this was your first year in FBLA or your sixth, there
is always something new to learn. I encourage you to stay involved during the next program year.
Thank you, FBLA, for the past seven incredible years and for entrusting me to lead you this membership
year. I cannot wait to see how FBLA continues to grow and how your stories will unfold. Congratulations on a
phenomenal year, and I will see you soon at the NLC!
With appreciation and affection,
Deborah Jacklin
High School National President

TBL May 2024

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