TBL May 2024 - 7

From Collegiate National President Toby Neal
Happy May, FBLA,
It feels like just yesterday that I was writing my first Tomorrow's Business
Leader column to all of you. What a year it has been! I am so honored to have
served as your National President this year; it has been the experience of a
lifetime. You all have made FBLA my home for three years, and I have loved
every webinar, conference, and conversation I have had with each of you.
Three years ago, when I first enrolled at Stanly Community College in
North Carolina, I envisioned a quiet few years earning my associate's degree
and maybe joining a club or two to pass the time between classes. What I did
not expect was a place where I could find not only myself, but my purpose. A
place where I found people who would change my life forever - people like
my adviser Dan Hazlett, the other National Officers, and, most of all: you,
the members. It is you who have inspired me, pushed me to be better, and
never ceased to amaze me. You welcomed a homeschooled kid from North
Carolina with open arms and gave him a place to call home. I never would have imagined that I
would find a place like this where I could lead and help others grow to become the best versions
of themselves.
Serving as your National President has given me the chance to do just that. I am so proud of
the work my team - Kimberly, Bethany, Benji, Faiz, and Kaelib-has done this year. They have
truly set the bar high and have put their all into this year, making sure it was a great one for all
of you. I am also proud of the work YOU have done. The caliber of excellence that you continue
to show is something worth celebrating. Nothing makes me prouder than knowing I have the
best members in the world, and that you will all do great things in your future careers.
As this program year comes to an end, I can't wait to celebrate with all of you one last
time at the National Leadership Conference in Orlando next month. It is going to be THE
event of your year, and I know that you will put your all into your competitive events. I will be
celebrating and cheering you on every step of the way. You are simply the best.
I am so proud to be your National President. Even though my time with you is coming to an
end, know that you all will remain in my heart forever.
Your National President,
Toby Neal
Collegiate National President
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