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By Wesley Sykes, Managing Editor
What does it mean to inspire
someone? And how do we inspire
others to greatness? To reach
championship aspirations?
These are simple questions that
typically are followed with nuanced
answers. Webster says to inspire is " to
fill someone with the urge or ability to
do or feel something. " It can happen in
the form of a halftime locker room speech or in-game timeout.
It can occur during the action, with a star player coming
through in the clutch with a big-time play. It's seen at practice
with team captains setting the tone for how the rest of the
team will perform. It's demonstrated by coaches who practice
what they preach.
On the micro level, there's not one uniform way to inspire
others. Certainly, no one will say the coaching style of Bill
Belichick compares to Pete Carroll, but their success in
football's pantheon is in a league of its own among active
coaches. On the macro level, however, traits like positivity,
authenticity and a genuine interest in helping others can be
found in anyone who can inspire a winning attitude.
That last part - having a genuine interest in others - is
huge, in my opinion. Being able to relate, empathize and
connect to one another will go further in getting your team
to run through the proverbial brick wall than any rah-rah
halftime speech. That connection creates trust; trust in your
logic; trust in your criticisms; trust in your messaging.
In this month's edition of Coach & Athletic Director -
the Champions & Inspiration issue - we take a look at the
unique road to the NBA by former NCAA Division III standout
Duncan Robinson, how strength coaches have inspired
championship teams, and highlighted some of the most
inspiring moments of the year. There is a first-person account
of women working in high school athletics as well as how to
break into the athletic administration industry.
Additionally, we asked our businesses to share how they've
been helping athletic departments safely resume athletic
activities amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And, of course, we
have our regular columns - A.D.ministration, Iron Sharpens
Iron, Facility Focus, and 40 Under 40 Perspective.
Now, more than ever, be the inspiration you want to see in
the world.
Enjoy this month's issue of Coach & Athletic Director.
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